its over!

ya stamped is finally over!!!

its not that i don’t like stampede, i just dislike all the annoyances it brings honestly, that and it cuts into my anime and fan-fiction time.

reviews will appear next week


Atchi kotchi

Genres: school, slice of life, comedy, romance

Themes: school

Objectionable content:  none


Only one thing can describe this. CUTE!!!!!

Okay atchi kotchi is a slice of life anime thirteen episode long about a group of friends. In this group one girl who is probably the cutest bloody character I’ve seen in a long time is in love with the densest man in existence, Except he also can make almost any girl have nose rockets from his innocent jests and one liners.

Throughout the anime many things happen and all the while ________ tries to get his attention and say that she likes him. While this is going on we end up meeting many more character that while some only pop up for an episode or two have great personality for what little time they are around.

I recommend this anime for anyone looking for some cute comedy


Story/plot: 6

Character interactions/relations:8.9

Actions/ events:7.1



The everyday life of highschool boys

Genres:  slice of life, comedy

Themes: school

Objectionable content:  moderate– crude humor and themes


It is sad to admit some of these things shown in this anime portray me perfectly, sad but true.

The anime is just as it states. The daily lives of high school boys. It shows our main characters doing anything form questioning each other of thoughts to just doing stuff randomly, and honestly its pretty spot on actually and I agree with many of the points it brings up.

It really is not meant to be taken seriously as its basically a slice of life comedy but I would recommend anyone watch it as it is defiantly worth it


Story/plot: 7.3

Character interactions/relations: 8.2

Actions/ events:7.9



unexpected haitus

sorry for the unexpected haiutus folks. my family decided for spontaneous vacation without telling us. reviews resume next week


every year for the past fifteen years now Otafest has given a great anime festival/convention to the people of southern Alberta. for the past four years i have gone and every year it gets more enjoyable and even bigger. this year was the fifteenth anniversary and as such i personally think it has been the best one yet. to all of you who went i hope you found it just as enjoyable and to those that did not we hope we’ll see you there in the years to come.

PS: ill be  review some goods i acquired this past weekend at Otafest so be ready for them