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Aria the scarlet ammo

Aria the scarlet ammo

Genre’s: action, comedy, ecchi, school

Themes: guns, harem

Objectionable content:violence, blood, ecchi, nudity

Imagine you go to a school, nothing unusual here, except that you must carry a gun and/or blade at all times or risk being killed. The characters in aria the scarlet ammo have to do just that. They go to a Butei high school, which is a school that basically trains them in combat, information gathering and the like, basically their trained as mercenaries.  One difference however is that Butei have similar rights to police, they can get away with all the same stuff and arrest people, only difference there is they are motivated by money or their fellows.

Now right away we meet the two main protagonists of the story, Kinji Toyama, the brother of a supposedly dead Butei who hates being one. He also has hysteria savant syndrome meaning when it activates it causes his mind-set to change and his reflexes become extremely sharp. Mere moments later we meet aria Holmes Kanzaki, the fourth generation child of the great Sherlock Holmes. She saves him from a machine gun Segway (yes it sounds absurd but I speak truth here) and eventually they become partners. If having the fourth gen homes was not enough you also have the 30th gen Jeanne of arc( yes the French girl who heard their god supposedly) as well as the fourth lupine( who was apparently one of the original Holmes rivals) in addition to all the other characters who pop up throughout the anime.

The basis of the story is in simple terms that aria’s mother has been framed by multiple people in an organization known as the IU. From these framings she has to deal with over 600 years in jail (no that is not a typo). To help her mother get out aria wants to catch all the people who framed her and get them to testify at her trial to lower or cancel her sentence. Obviously a task far easier said than done as many of the people in the IU are very skilled and don’t particularly want to go to trial.

Now the storyline itself if pretty well thought, out, barring a few points that make you wonder what actually happens sometimes. Most of these tomes re when Kinji goes into hysteria mode or when aria actually uses her brains passed sown to her by her forefathers. The answers they come to don’t really make sense until they actually explain them, but this is not a bad thing as it keeps you interested. This anime does have echi like many however this one has it for one sole purpose, activating Kinji’s hysteria mode as for some reason it activated when such things occur.  The action in this anime is also very well thought out and very well done making this a very fun and enjoyable anime to watch.

For such wonderful reasons I am giving aria the scarlet ammo a 8.9/10 and hope you all enjoy it, just beware of some shocking plot twists.


Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho


Genres: Comedy, Romance, echi, school

Themes: Fan-service, Swimsuits, Tournament

Questionable content:Significant, heavy fan-service and almost complete non sexual nudity

For those of you that have a thing for swimsuits we may have hit the jackpot. Kenko zenrakei suieibu umisho (also known as just umisho) is a series based around the school swim team of the prefectural school Umineko Shougyou High. As this is an anime and “just” a swim team is too boring the creators have thrown us all some rather sizable bones. Just one being that the member of the team who acts the teams manager named Kaname okimura cannot swim for the life of him, and is afraid of being attacked by a mermaid if he goes in the water (sorry folks no mermaids here though). This becomes evident when a new girl comes to the town on a floating house (I kid you not, it is a floating house not a house boat) and jumps at him as if she knows him. This girl named amuro ninagawa, has a few quirks of her own, like her unique style of swimming (like that of a mermaid) and her habit of swimming completely naked, which the guys of the school find no problem with. With her help and the help of a few other new members the team endeavors to make it to the inter-highs, of which they have never made it to.

Now if this has not peeked your interest then I do not know what will, the story itself circulates around kaname and amuro mostly as the two of them seem to the main romance setting, and the story flows nicely. Unlike some anime that are sometimes hard to follow umisho is easy to follow and very fun to watch. However it feels like they’re trying too hard at the fan service sometimes and not connecting it to the story; they somehow end up doing just that however.

I personally enjoyed this anime regardless of its few problem points, and as such believe it deserves a 8.4/10 for its well-made story and hilarious comedic value.

Mayo Chiki

Genre’s: School, Comedy, Romance

Themes: Harem, Butler’s

Questionable content: moderate,  fan-service

Mayo chiki witch roughly translates to The Stray Butler and Myself the Chicken is a comedy and school manga with an interesting premise.  The main character Kinjirou Sakamachi has gynophobia (which is the fear of women) due to his extremely violent sister and his professional wrestler mother. The richest and most popular girl in school is Kanade Suzutsuki who has a butler with her at all times named Subaru Konoe. Then kinjirou discovers the secret the two of them have, that kanade’s butler Subaru is actually a girl they force him to keep it a secret and at the same time discover his, his gynophobia. From there they decide to help him overcome his fear while all the while watching him to make sure he keeps their secret just that, a secret.

If having to keep someone’s identity a secret was not bad enough, the three of them get into many kinds of trouble because of kanade’s family’s prestige. Add to this the fact that Subaru end up liking him and things get very bad for him on a fairly regular basis as he tries to cover for Subaru and kanade at loss of what little public standing and respect he has.

With this said. The anime mayo chiki is not a bad one. The story line is fairly solid and has plenty comical high jinx to keep you entertained and just as much serious story to keep it moving along. One just has to watch out for the fact that some point of the anime have content some might find objectionable or inappropriate for some audiences

All in all I give it a quite nice rating of 7.3/10