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Strike witches

Genres: action, ecchi, fantasy, sci-fi

Themes: magic, guns, fan service, yuri, witches

Objectionable content: nudity, ecchi,

Quoting that seventies show” Panties! Glorious panties!!”( no im not that old though)  But seriously there is a lot of panty shots in this!

Strike witches is about the 501st joint fighter squadron, with is a n=multinational group of magic using witches brought together to fight invaders called Neuroi. The group is made up off all female witches who don armored leggings called striker units witch augment their magic abilities, witch are the only things that seem to help in fighting neuroi.

Now besides the fact of the absolutely ridiculous amount of panty shots witch seems to be normal in this world( im not joking here) the story itself is a very well built one, it flows nicely the entire farm and when an episode does not have them fighting it is dealing with each characters past and the character getting to know each other better. Simply put I very much enjoyed the entire thing.

Now because of this I shall give Strike witches a 9/10 and one last comment, considering the ending , im really confused as to how they have a second season( look forward to my review of it).


Demon king Daimao

Genres: action, fantasy, romance, ecchi

Themes: demons, magic, artificial god, fan-service, harem

Objectionable content: ecchi,Nudity

I have to say at the beginning I felt bad for akuto sai and the terrible predicament he was in, but to turn it around and kill an artificial god is something I totally did not expect.

Akuto sai is a very good student who transfers to the constant magic academy, the best in the world. There the entire student body who have not had a health check have one done, this health checker machine( in the form of a smoking crow) can tell your future job with perfect accuracy and is never wrong. It states that he is to be the demon king, a person who can command demons and in the past caused a huge war. This terrifies akuto as he wants to become a high priest, almost literally the exact opposite thing to a king of demons!

Very quickly do things escalate beyond his control as he gets in fights with other students as he discovers his insane amount of control over the mana that is present in the world. The plot jumps around a bit to side story’s for the first few episodes but doing so sets up the allies and friends he has later for the danger that forces itself into his life.

Honestly I really enjoyed this anime so much that i’m giving it a 9.5/10 and hope you all will give it a chance as it is truly a brilliant anime with great plot twists and a very well thought out and executed story.

Goshuushou sama ninomiya kun (my condolences ninomiya kun)

Goshuushou sama ninomiya kun

Genre’s : comedy, romance, action, ecchi, school

Themes:  maids, succubus, guns

Objectionable content: moderate fan service, impartial nudity

If you like the idea of a girl who sucks the life force out of you, we got a good one this week. Goshuushou sama ninomiya kun or my condolences ninomiya kun is about a boy named ninomiya shungo (big surprise huh). He lives almost alone in this huge house his sister acquired. His sister, who is a world class mercenary by the looks of it, one day comes by and almost literally drops a pink haired well-endowed girl on top of him. His dear sister and this girls brother then later basically tell him, yeah she’s a succubus who is afraid of men, it’s your job to help her get over her fear and at the same time protect her, oh and by help her get over her fear they mean, to bathe, sleep and live together and to also participate in some absolutely ridiculous and intimately stupid training with her.

The story complicates even more when hojou reika, the school’s student president and the heir to the Hojou Corporation ends up working at their house as a maid, partially because of her love for ninomiya shungo. Add in a few crazed mercenary bands, attack fighters and a serious case of split personality and you have the base storyline in a nutshell!

This does not mean the storyline is bad, it is actually quite well thought out and unfolds well. When it gets into shungo’s past things get a bit confusing but that is because he does not remember his past entirely, which is the main thing that causes so any problems for him and everyone else. If you’re looking for a great amount of comedy and action with a dash of romance and a whole lot of ecchi and fan service take a look at it, I think you’ll like it. 7.8/10

Zero no tsukaima f review

Zero no tsukaima f

Genre’s: fantasy, Romance, comedy, action

Themes: magic, different worlds, young couple, end of the world

Objectionable content: incomplete nudity,  mature themes

Yaaaaahoooooooooo!!!! Rarely is a series’ sequel better than the original, the third is usually worse, but zero no tsukaima just got better and better and this the final season of it is the best final season of anime I’ve yet to see with my own eyes !

If you have not watched the first three seasons yet then stop reading as I’m going to have to say some of the winning points from this the final season of zero no  tsukaima.

The story picks up where the third season lefts off and start out with louise, saito and tiffania going to the holy kingdom of romalia to meet its pope who turns out is also a void mage. After much action and a kidnapping or two, the king of Gallia is defeated and things go back to normal. Or at least they would if saito and triffania were not kidnapped by elves. These elves fear void mages fearing that void magic will destroy them so they kidnap tiffania to have her done away with; saito was kidnapped because of one elves curiosity.

After escaping with some newly made elfish friends and tiffaia finding her familiar the world is tuned upside down when an ancient evil awakens and begins a destructive rampage, culminating with the destruction of most of the country of romalia and the death of its pope. The creature then sets its sights on trysting, or more specifically louise and tiffania. After mush battling it is defeated with void magic and a modern fighter jet that saito fly’s into the creatures chest( I kid you not).

I have to say if I am telling you too much already but I’ve not yet seen an anime’s whose final season was this absolutely epic in its scale, story, and plot. The best part is that as with the past three seasons it is just as well thought out and executed in its storytelling so I am pleased to announce my first 10/10 for zero no tsukaima f, its final and best season.

Zero no tsukaima season’s 1-3 review

zero no tsukaima

Genres: fantasy, action, romance, school

Themes: magic, different worlds, young couple,

objectionable content: incomplete nudity,  mature themes,

With my next week review of zero no tsukaima’s last season I figured ide do a quick review of the first three seasons in a nutshell without giving away too much storyline at the same time.

The main protagonist, saito hiraga is a boy living in japan. Until when walking through the street he  finds a green gate like sphere in the middle of the street. No one seems to notice it, or him for that matter when he touches it and is sucked in against his will.

He is brought into another world into the country called trysting where the mage Louise valliere has summoned him, much to her own chagrin, as her familiar. As her familiar he has to do anything she says, witch to him this seems like being a slave. They quickly find out his abilities as a familiar are directly related to Louise’s hidden talents of witch she did not know. She is a void mage, a mage that does not use elemental magic and are the rarest kind of mages. With this information then discovered their own lives are interwoven with many others, and changed forever.

Personally I really like this series for many reasons. The storyline is very solid as well as being very well thought out. The characters are likable and pretty believable in how they act and in how much of a difference there is between characters and how they relate to each other. Zero no has a very good balance between its action, story, comedy and the small amount of echi which allows you to never get to bored with the story line as something is always happening and relates to the story.

As a whole the first ¾ of zero no tsukaima is very well done and we can only hope the final season is just as good. 9/10