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Linebarrels of iron

Genres:, action, comedy, drama, ecchi, romance, science fiction

Themes:  fanservice, harem, mecha, super robot

Objectionable content: significant – blood, nudity, mature themes.

“Everything you never wanted in a hero” is the statement upon the back of linebarrels of irons dvd case and I hace to agree it is pretty spot on.

It starts when resident wimpy picked on kid koichi hayase is crushed under the linebarrel, a mech from another dimension sent to ours to help repel an interdimensinal invasion. Now normally you would think hey he’ll join any other people got together to repel the invasion right? Wrong!!! He decides to use this machine as it is called to protect his home and the city he lives in as its ally of justice, only problem is that his idea of justice has been warped from constantly being bullied and protected by other people. Only after his best friend dies of his actions does he begin to realize he needs to change.

The story line itself is very well thought out with many plot twists and lots of action in all the right places. You only have to get past the first few episodes of hayase’s stupidity to get to it is all. The thing with linebarrels of iron is that while its emotion and storyline are well done some of the character interactions are a bit complicated and the battles later on seem to take a page from dragon ball, that page being yell and you get stronger.

While some parts are ridiculous and others well thought out, I did enjoy linebarrels of iron and hope that  anyone who needs a bit of mecha on mecha action will give it a chance with it’s 7.4/10


Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Genres:, comedy, action, slice of life

Themes: family, daily life

Objectionable content: none.

A humanoid squid girl who has tentacles that break almost every rule of biology and who’s saliva is squid ink may sound kinda cliché but it actually the main character for the anime shinryaku! Ika musume ( squid girl invade)

Simply put it Is a slice of life comedy about the girl ika musume who is literally a squid girl and who comes to invade the land, but ends up getting drafted to work at a beach side restaurant instead. This happens as she ends up damaging their restaurant( with her tentacle hair) and has to work to pay for the repairs(witch never get done by the way)

It really is an anime for all ages as literally there is like not a single bit of even vaguely coarse language and the story is actually not bad making it a fun anime to casually watch. There also appears to be a second season witch I will also review as I liked this one quite a bit and shall proceed to give it a 7.4/10.

Strike Witches 2

Genres: action, ecchi, fantasy, sci-fi

Themes: magic, guns, fan service, witches, yuri

Objectionable content: nudity, ecchi,

Ass with the first season of strike witches the second one is just as good as the first one was, and has just as many panty shots.

Yoshika miyajuji has returned to japan and is not longer part of the 501st as it has disbanded. For like 2 episodes basically. A note from her dead father( seriously what the heck) changes things again and gets her back into action and the entire 501st joint fighter squadron back into action.

Now this is a good start and the story once again is pretty well thought out for the most part, with even some of the silly bits having a connection to  the main story line. The one thing that drove me absolutely nuts though is the battleship yamato. Now those who have watched the first season will remember the warlock yes? Well they made another engine based of the neuroi tech tht turns the biggest battleship any of these countries have mad into a neuroi they can supposedly control. This coupled with the ridiculousness of them trying to ram it into a neuroi hive just drove me nuts, you’d thing the would have learned their lesson,but they did not.

Now again the story line and plot flow just as well as the last did and I have to submit to the idea that the initial. Idea of military intelligence( what a oxymoron) always makes stupid choices. I did enjoy this one almost as much as the first season, however it was not as good and im giving it a 7/10 for that and the other reasons I have talked about.