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Genres: drama, fantasy, mystery

Themes: online gaming

Objectionable content: minor – fantasy violence

.Hack Quantum, the newest installment of the ridiculously large .hack series set in the newest version of the world, the World RX.

For those of you familiar with .hack this is pretty intruding, for those of you who are not ill make it simple. All of the dot hack games from .hack//Sign( the first one I’m told) to Quantum( the newest one) are set in the World witch is an online RPG Akin to Runescape or World of Warcraft I suppose. It uses advanced helmets or glasses in the later ones to allow people to “see” into the game world like virtual reality basically. And in almost every single one of them I’ve seen or heard about one of two things happens it seems.

1.)    The protagonists end up dealing with the Worlds Deity aura or some kind of virus trying to take out aura

2.)     Or  someone end up getting in a coma in the real world while being stuck in the game world\

in .Hack//sign both of these happen, in quantum however  someone gets stuck in a coma and there is no meeting with aura. Basically three good friends in school who love to play the world meet a character who plays as a short cat with a stick and one gets stuck in the world and they have to get her out, before she gets corrupted by the virus witch seems to have taken her over.

Now sadly I do not know enough about the .hack universe but apparently I’ve ben told this one is really good showing off many locations from the anime and the original PlayStations games they stem from but what I do know is that the 3 oav do a very good job of holding the story together with just the right amount of Action, drama and storyline to keep anyone interested in it. Other than the simple fact of the characters in the real world are hard to figure who’s who initially it is an amazing oav with great potential to pull people into the .Hack universe, myself included. As it is however do not watch it with an avid fan if you don’t know .hack or the 9/10 I’m giving it will be squandered by their insistent chatter at all the locations they’ll be seeing.


oreimo review

Genres:  comedy, slice of life, drama

Themes: imouto, otaku, siblings

Objectionable content: significant – action, innuendo, adult or at least late teen themes

Okay seriously I cannot fathom why the main guy in this anime has not slapped his sister at least twenty times over for being such a bitch!

The anime known in English as my little sister can’t be this cute or more commonly known as oreimo is about Kyousuke Kosaka who for almost all of his life has lived in the shadow of his ridiculously over achieving sister kirino, she’s popular, insanely loved in her school and even has a part time job as a freaking model! Oh did I mention she also basically ignores her brother completely and so does his parents because of her.

One day while going down the hall in his house kyousuke bumps into his sister and she drops her stuff, and an eroge ( adult video game) drops out onto the floor, she does not notice and has to tell her. From this moment he finds out that she is an avid otaku and eroge player, and is forced to help her with her problems as they arise from then on.

While the storyline is pretty well done I had some severe problems with some of the ways it unfolds, like when her friend finds out she’s an otaku she ends up basically trying to change her away from it or kill their friendship permanently. I don’t know if that kind of thing could happen in japan but it just seems a little bit off to me. That with the absolute stupid lengths that kyousuke will go for his sister that cares not for him just does not make sense in some way to me.

Other than the oddly weird sections the story unfolds well with well-done character interactions and reaction’s making it very funny to watch so I can at least give it a 7.5 for its comedy and character relations no?

Broken Blade

Genres: action, drama, fantasy

Themes: mecha, politics, tragedy, war

Objectionable content:  significant – blood, mature themes

I have noticed that a lot of anime mecha series seem to like the idea of someone having a super mecha and having only one person able to pilot them. Broken blade however takes a different approach to this were the mech is not exactly super powered in some regards and can only be piloted by one man, but the one man is not special, more of a shunned existence.

On the continent of cruzon all the peoples that live upon it have the innate ability to freely manipulate quartz, which they call magic. They “forge” quartz into anything they need, be it cars, pistons or artificial muscles for the Golems they create from the quartz. With their manipulation of quartz they have no need for oil or metal, which is hard to find on cruzon in the first place.

The main man of the series rygart arrow is known as an un-sorcerer, a man who is unable to lift even the smallest piece of quartz. He lives with his younger brother who is also unable to use magic on the farm left to them by his deceased father. He gets a letter from his friend hotr, the current king of his country to meet him in the capitol, once there hotr  and his wife sigyn a golem engineer show him an ancient golem used by the ancients. It unlike golems now uses a metal frame and none seem able to pilot the thing. The mine they are at comes under attack and he ends up falling into its cockpit, with then activated with numerous electronic screens and noises completely unfamiliar to him. He leaps straight out of the mine and shows hat this “undergolem” seems to have far superior muscles and strength in all fields except one, it cannot fire guns of any kind.

Now it does take a bit at the start o get going but the 6 movies of broken blade flow very nicely and keep you into it by keeping things going through contact action, be it physical or political. The fighting scenes are good too, sowing rygarts skills increases slowly and not instantly like in some other mech series. The fact of he has to use primarily melee in a war with long range weaponry also makes the fight scens very interesting.

The series itself is a beautifully done series that is very open for a sequal series in gthe future and I look forward to one if it does come about, I hope you all give the 6 movies a chance as they are wonderfully done with great characters and wonderfully done story. 9.7/10


Genres: action, comedy, romance, supernatural, ecchi, school

Themes: fanservice, harem, split personality, vampire, witches, yuki-onna

Objectionable content: significant – nudity, mature themes, blood

The anime Rosario+Vampire is an adaptation of the manga by the same name but of different genre. While the anime is primarily an ecchi then romance then action the manga itself is mainly an action romance with a bit of ecchi thrown in. put simply most people who have read even a bit of the manga will find instant problems with the anime, myself included.

The main man( actually the only one for almost half the first season) aono tsukune is an average boy who’s terrible marks did not allow him to get into his preferred high school with his friends, this changes slightly when his father brings home a high school entry form he “found” which allows his dear son aono to enter the school  called youkai academy.( witch if you don’t know what it means, youkai means any kind of mythical or odd creature, like demons and magical beasts). He comes to this school, is blown away by its sheer creepiness, gets ran over and befriended by a vampire and finds out he is exactly where he should not be, in that order. He also seems to become the target for quite a few girls as they want to make him their own in one way or another.

The storyline is not bad but with the amount of ecchi that takes up most of every episode it basically becomes a serious drawback if your wanting to see something even remotely close to the manga. In the anime at the end he seems to maybe be turning into a youkai, in the manga, it happens withing the first half of the manga. The action and the storyline twists, turns and alternations are barely present in the anime. If you have not read even a bit of the manga, you’ll have no problem watching it and will most likely enjoy it, but if you’ve read the manga, expect to be saddened by the anime with is why i’m only giving it and the second season as well a measly 5.6/10