Genres: drama, fantasy, mystery

Themes: online gaming

Objectionable content: minor – fantasy violence

.Hack Quantum, the newest installment of the ridiculously large .hack series set in the newest version of the world, the World RX.

For those of you familiar with .hack this is pretty intruding, for those of you who are not ill make it simple. All of the dot hack games from .hack//Sign( the first one I’m told) to Quantum( the newest one) are set in the World witch is an online RPG Akin to Runescape or World of Warcraft I suppose. It uses advanced helmets or glasses in the later ones to allow people to “see” into the game world like virtual reality basically. And in almost every single one of them I’ve seen or heard about one of two things happens it seems.

1.)    The protagonists end up dealing with the Worlds Deity aura or some kind of virus trying to take out aura

2.)     Or  someone end up getting in a coma in the real world while being stuck in the game world\

in .Hack//sign both of these happen, in quantum however  someone gets stuck in a coma and there is no meeting with aura. Basically three good friends in school who love to play the world meet a character who plays as a short cat with a stick and one gets stuck in the world and they have to get her out, before she gets corrupted by the virus witch seems to have taken her over.

Now sadly I do not know enough about the .hack universe but apparently I’ve ben told this one is really good showing off many locations from the anime and the original PlayStations games they stem from but what I do know is that the 3 oav do a very good job of holding the story together with just the right amount of Action, drama and storyline to keep anyone interested in it. Other than the simple fact of the characters in the real world are hard to figure who’s who initially it is an amazing oav with great potential to pull people into the .Hack universe, myself included. As it is however do not watch it with an avid fan if you don’t know .hack or the 9/10 I’m giving it will be squandered by their insistent chatter at all the locations they’ll be seeing.


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