seitokai yakuindomo review

Genres:  comedy, slice of life, school

Themes: dirty jokes, harem, student council

Objectionable content: significant – mature themes including dirty and perverted jokes and miscommunications.

Takatoshi is a new student in the recently gender integrated school in the area his family moved too. On his first day he gets suckered and coerced into joining the student council so there can be a guy on it to vouch for all the new guys that go to the school. Little does he realize that they three girls on the student council are very off.

One girl is a short loli genius. Another is a rich airhead and the student council president is perfect, except that all of them are complete perverts.

Basically take any kind of bad miscommunication and joke, turn it into a sexual joke and then make all the girls ay it.

It honestly is a breath of fresh air so to speak as so many anime have the men making sexual harassment jokes, do it’s a little odd that the girls do. Especially since there’s a lot of the jokes.the anime is basically just comedy and school for what happens to the four members of the student council but having such an alternated storyline is refreshing as it gives it a different view. And honestly the jokes the girls do are so bad that I myself would end up being similar to takatoshi in that he tries to block their jokes at all times!

Story/plot: 7.2

Character interactions/relations:7.4

Actions/ events: 5.8


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