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vexilleGenres: sci-fi

Themes:  mecha, military, politics, guns, wepons

Objectionable content: significant-  significant violence, blood and gore and mature themes

This would make a very good storyline for a science fiction first person shooter ( or third person shooter).

Human technology has progressed to such an extent that cybernetics, robotics and computerized intelligences are the norm, and it could be used to create human androids that would be impossible to distinguish from normal humans. To stop this the united nations makes the creation of human android and cybernetics illegal, japan however is adamantly against this and fights these new rules fiercely. After many repeated attempts japan does the unthinkable and leaves the UN, taking up a policy of international isolation witch is realized though advanced technology that stops them from being seen or heard of. After ten years of international isolation Japanese international activity of an unknown actions is discovered and it is decided that the American  special forces group known as sword will investigate.

Now that Ive given you the introduction lets actually talk about what it means.

Vexille has a lot of action in it, mainly with mechanized armored suits ( or mad max style junk cars) with a few simple chase scenes in foot. The reason for this is that all of japan is nonexistent and the only habitat for “people” is a slums with few hiding spots, and although this makes some scenes oddly boring they still hold your attention throughout. The action itself is very heavy having much violence and loss of life on quite a few fronts and it luckily does not draw away from the story, witch is the main point here. The story itself is actually a rather interesting one that could in the next  200+ years come true in all honesty, lets just hope it does not.

Story/plot: 9.6

Character interactions/relations:6.7

Actions/ events:8.2


Bimbogami ga!

bimbogami gaGenres:  comedy, supernatural, ecchi, parody, school

Themes: luck, misfortune, gods

Objectionable content: significant – mature themes, moderate comedy violence and a few episodes with partial nudity.


Dirty misfortune gods, masochistic, dogs and a whole lot of good and bad fortune, wait what?

Ichiko sakura has it all, rich family, high intelligence and even a drop dead body. However she does not realize that this is due to two thing, she has an insanely large amount of good fortune, and she steals other peoples good fortune. She finds this out when the gods of misfortune send one of their own to steal her fortune and give it to others, unfortunately for them sakura is not fond of this idea and fight back against the misfortune god sent at her known as momiji.

This anime itself is mainly a comedy with lots of comedic violence between sakura and momiji, it does however take upon itself to show many serious points when momiji teaches sakura what exactly she is doing to those around her as she subconsciously tries to help sakura learn to use her fortune for good.

It also has many support characters including the masochistic dog god momoo inugami, the monk bobby, and sakura’s tomboyish friend ranmaru rindo, couple this with the almost ridiculous amount of parodies they do (seriously I lost count on how many times they did a parody of something) and you have a very good anime that knows its own limits only when things get serious.

All in all I really do like this anime and I definitely recommend it for both the storyline and the comedy.


Story/plot: 8.6

Character interactions/relations:7.8

Actions/ events:8.3

Information please

instead of a review today i would like to gather some information from you all if you would be so kind.

once again i am collecting this information for a good reason so please do be honest.

Dream eater merry

dream eater merryGenres: action , comedy, fantasy

Themes: dreams, other worlds

Objectionable content: moderate – violence and moderately mature themes of death

Congratulation your dreams are now the home of a demon and if it killed you become listless and uncaring.

Many years ago yumeji fujiwara found he could see odd multi-colored aura’s around people and that these aura’s denoted what kind of dreams they would have. He also began having nightmares that he was being chased by cats. Then a girl named merry lands on him and he finds out that she and many others are dream demons  and that many dream demons will forcibly take control of humans to see our world. With her and various allies they gain they go to fight against these hateful and uncaring dream demons while trying to find merry s way back to her reality.

Okay so this is a good find if I do say so. With the story and the character having many different personalities and spins it marks things very nice and  it keeps you guessing for pretty much the entire anime.. I really hope there will be a second season ut other than that I’ll let you decide qhar you think of it, and please do tell me what you do think of it!

Story/plot: 8.5

Character interactions/relations: 7.9

Actions/ events:8.2