Dream eater merry

dream eater merryGenres: action , comedy, fantasy

Themes: dreams, other worlds

Objectionable content: moderate – violence and moderately mature themes of death

Congratulation your dreams are now the home of a demon and if it killed you become listless and uncaring.

Many years ago yumeji fujiwara found he could see odd multi-colored aura’s around people and that these aura’s denoted what kind of dreams they would have. He also began having nightmares that he was being chased by cats. Then a girl named merry lands on him and he finds out that she and many others are dream demons  and that many dream demons will forcibly take control of humans to see our world. With her and various allies they gain they go to fight against these hateful and uncaring dream demons while trying to find merry s way back to her reality.

Okay so this is a good find if I do say so. With the story and the character having many different personalities and spins it marks things very nice and  it keeps you guessing for pretty much the entire anime.. I really hope there will be a second season ut other than that I’ll let you decide qhar you think of it, and please do tell me what you do think of it!

Story/plot: 8.5

Character interactions/relations: 7.9

Actions/ events:8.2


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