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Astarotte’s Toy

astarottes toyGenres: comedy, drama, romance, supernatural, ecchi

Themes: anthropomorphic monsters,  fan service, harem, lolicon, panchira(panty flashing) succubi, tsundere

Objectionable content:  significant – meant for mature audiences, mature themes and innuendo


okay so first of all, I’m going to say this was  interesting to review but I also want everyone to know that this anime is defiantly not meant for younger audiences I believe.

One day while job hunting noaya tohara is taken to a magic land to work for its princess, the princess in question is princess Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar who is a succubus, and is like maybe 12 by the looks of it. Noaya has been taken to work as part of the princess’s harem so she will never need to worry about having energy, after all succubi live off of life energy from men. To complicate issues noaya is a father with a daughter that looks around the same age( we never actually get told her age but though she looks younger than lotte it is estimated or vaguely told to us that she is the same age or older).

The anime itself is entirely character based without fights other than verbal face offs and is actually centered around lotte and how things change in her life with noaya and asuha( noaya’s daughter). In all honesty the anime is very well made and executed and open for a sequel as many secrets have not been put out into the opening, the biggest one being that asuha and lotte are actually half-sisters and lotte’s mother loves noaya( as the did have a kid together)

Honestly it was enjoyable to watch and I am intrigued by how things could continue to unfold as everyone’s lives continue to change.


Story/plot: 8.5

Character interactions/relations:9.8

Actions/ events:6.2





Genres: drama, sci-fiakboo48

Themes: idols, mecha, music

Objectionable content: mild

Guerrilla warfare idols equipped with floating dance platforms living lights and mecha. Pretty much tells you about ¾ of this entire series.

Okay so not quite.

In a future time when the earth seems to be no longer habitable humans have colonized many worlds, and on most of them entertainment and anything else that “disturbs the heart” is illegal. In the middle of this is a group of idols that fight to give planets the entertainment they desire. The group AKB0048 is more of a generational group as each year they get more people joining who try to take over for older people.

This anime is centered around the girls of the 77th generation who try to prove themselves to the fans of akb0048 while they try to discover themselves.

In all honesty, if seeing that this is a mecha made you want to watch it don’t, the mecha bits are small and far between. The anime itself focuses on the music and the drama between characters and does this very well luckily. I’ll also point out that the music/dance scenes in this anime jump between animation and CG relatively often and almost seamlessly allowing the dance scenes to work very well, later in the anime I caught myself attempting to sing along to some songs.

Basically what I’m saying here is that the story and relations between characters if great and the actual dances are not bad either, and with the somewhat dark side story that develops it keeps you guessing and hoping the second season that is currently coming out answers your questions and my own about how things will progress..


Story/plot: 8.2

Character interactions/relations: 9.4

Actions: 7.8

To love ru

to love ruGenres: action, comedy, romance, ecchi, school, sci-fi

Themes: alien, fan service, harem, unrequited love

Objectionable content:significant – moderate violence, mature themes, large quantities of near complete nudity


You meet an alien and the first thing she does within a day of meeting you is messes up your confession to the girl you like and then thinks it’s her your confessing too!

That’s basically the gist of the entire first and part of the second episode except for the alien is the daughter of an interstellar conqueror and also an inventor. the rest of the anime has the main character yuki rito running around trying to actually confess to his love while the alien girl lala tries to win him over whilst her inventions and old would be aliens try to propose to her and take out rito in the process.

In all honesty I did not think much of the story, its rather simple and it really is just an outlet for ecchi and fan service so if you looking for lots of that then this anime is for you. The action and fight scenes are not too bad but they are nothing to write home about, the entire anime is just one giant fan service attempt witch apparently works as it has multiple ova’s and a second season coming out presently.


Story/plot: 4.2

Character interactions/relations:5.1

Actions/ events:6.0



Fate stay night

fate stayGenres: action, drama, fantasy, romance, school

Themes: magic, weapons, servants, mythology, spirits, superpowers

Objectionable content:  significant – heavy violence, blood and gore, mature themes


The holy grail, a chalice of power that grants wishes or a weapon of mass destruction?

Shirou Emiya lost both of his parent in a great fire that engulfed a large portion of the city where he lives, this fire also took the lives of hundred and was caused by servants of magi who longed for an ancient artifact, the Holy Grail. These magi and their servants fought for this artifact to grant any wish they might have had, and now it is time for the next war, and emiya along with other he knows are now in it.

Fate stay night is a pretty well-known anime and I’ve heard a lot about it before watching it but maybe I had heard far too much hype about it as I found it less then I was told. The storyline itself is not bad but it takes it time when first starting, and this is not even the points where they randomly make exceptions to rules they state about the wars( like servants having to have masters)

The character relations are far better as each character has their own personality and very few get along perfectly together with creates a great amount of discontent between both enemies and allies alike.

Both of these have good and bad points but when you combine them with the well done fight scenes it works out well, I only wish we had seen more masters in the war.

Story/plot: 7,2

Character interactions/relations:9.5

Actions/ events:7.3


Happy new years!

 happy new years everybody, touhoufantic here.

i hope you’ve all had as great a new years as i have considering that 1. the world did not end and 2. were still somehow surviving the apocalypse that is  this generations “pop culture”, eeek.

i myself have just finished a night of drinking sake and watching a gratuitous amount of anime so i would review them right now but between work and play, im dog tired, so ill have a crap load of anime for you all later including my review of fate stay night, to love ru, and quite a few more as well, so until next week i bid you all a wonderful new years. ( and don’t forget about the bad new years jokes you can play!)