Monthly Archives: May 2013


every year for the past fifteen years now Otafest has given a great anime festival/convention to the people of southern Alberta. for the past four years i have gone and every year it gets more enjoyable and even bigger. this year was the fifteenth anniversary and as such i personally think it has been the best one yet. to all of you who went i hope you found it just as enjoyable and to those that did not we hope we’ll see you there in the years to come.

PS: ill be  review some goods i acquired this past weekend at Otafest so be ready for them



while we all look at what the new season has to offer here is something a little different this week.

lately i myself have gotten into both reading and writing fan-fiction.  in all honesty caleb there was the one who caused me to get into it so ill give you all the links to our works so far

i also hope you guys take a look at what other authors have written as well, many of their works are very well done.