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Hanako and the terror of allegory (complete manga)

Genres:  mystery, horror

Themes: ghosts

Objectionable content: moderate – blood and gore and mature themes

What do you do when simple stories and folk tales come to kill you? You run like hell and get help obviously.

When detective aso daisuke is not dealing with con artists or his ero manga collection he is working with one such story to stop other allegory from killing people or destroying their lives, and when a girl runs into his office to help will he be able gto save her from men with bloody axes, fish people and murderous dolls, Or even himself?

Created by the creator of future diary (witch I need to watch still) is actually rather creepy at points as almost every chapters story has some kind of weird twist. I also found the characters relations fit with the story perfectly and the action in the manga was well suited to how the story went.

In all honesty it is very well done and I do hope that it gets made into a anime as I think it would be a very good one for those who like anime like future diary or when they cry!

Story/plot: 7.9

Character interactions/relations:8.2

Actions/ events:7.5


Hagure Yūsha no Aestetica

Genres:  action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, ecchi

Themes: other worlds, fan service, harem, superpowers, magic, weapons

Objectionable content: significant – mature and sexual themes, intense themes and strong partial nudity

The end of rpg’s!

Akatsuki is summoned to the other world of arezard to be their hero and defeat the demon king witch he does. When he returns though he brings the demon kings daughter with him witch was the demon king’s last request. Upon returning he gets told (forced) to go to the school/facility made to train people who came back from other worlds. What awaits him and the demon kings daughter there neither of them could have expected..

The anime’s storyline itself is pretty interesting as it kind of picks up where almost every rpg even close to it leaves off and I must admit that the action in it is also rather well thought out, they even leave no holes in the explanation of people capabilities. There is one thing however that does drive me nuts about this anime however and that is the absolutely ridiculous amount of breasts!

Now I did say it had significant nudity and I was not lying  and it makes sense when you find out that the anime’s main people it is p9nted ar is 17 -44 year old males but I just find that most of it goes past even the point of fan service and is just taking up space. I’ll admit that some points of the M rated parts do contribute to storyline but most are just there for stupidities sake in all honesty. Maybe I’m just broken as a guy for not respecting it but I believe there is just far too much ecchi and almost R rated stuff here.


Story/plot: 8.4

Character interactions/relations:6.6

Actions/ events: 7.3

Side note: ridiculous amount of M rated material though it does not cross over to R rated, though it just barely doesn’t.