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Kampfers + Kampfers season 2 review

Genre’s: action , comedy, romance,

Themes: ecchi, harem, fanservice, guns, weapons, magical girl, yuri

Objectionable content significant, – mature themes, incomplete nudity, innuendo

Okay so I cannot believe I’m saying this but here it goes, TO MUCH FANSERVICE AND ECCHI!!!!!

Okay I said it now on to the reviewing process!

The main character of kampfers is a boy named natsuru senou, he’s pretty average except for his hair being bright near florescent blue. One day he wakes up after a “nightmare” and finds he has turned into a girl. Then his plush tiger tells him it’s actually a messenger from the moderators and he has been turned into a kampfer to fight other kampfers and that he has to be a girl to do so. Oh did I mention that when he’s a girl he has a body many women would probably kill to have!

I’m not saying the storyline is bad, far from it in fact the initial story line is well set up, but when your supposed to be fighting you’d expect the anime to be at least half action not a quarter or less. The fact of the matter is where the ecchi and fan service are more than well done, there is just simply too much of it for the story. Its comedy is well done throughout as well but the only problem is that the combat takes less time than it does to open the internet on dialup. This along with they seem to add bits to the story that were not even commented upon in the setup at all will only earn it a measly 6.8/10 and heres my hopes that the 3rd season works out better than the first one and the second season of only 2 episodes.


Strike Witches 2

Genres: action, ecchi, fantasy, sci-fi

Themes: magic, guns, fan service, witches, yuri

Objectionable content: nudity, ecchi,

Ass with the first season of strike witches the second one is just as good as the first one was, and has just as many panty shots.

Yoshika miyajuji has returned to japan and is not longer part of the 501st as it has disbanded. For like 2 episodes basically. A note from her dead father( seriously what the heck) changes things again and gets her back into action and the entire 501st joint fighter squadron back into action.

Now this is a good start and the story once again is pretty well thought out for the most part, with even some of the silly bits having a connection to  the main story line. The one thing that drove me absolutely nuts though is the battleship yamato. Now those who have watched the first season will remember the warlock yes? Well they made another engine based of the neuroi tech tht turns the biggest battleship any of these countries have mad into a neuroi they can supposedly control. This coupled with the ridiculousness of them trying to ram it into a neuroi hive just drove me nuts, you’d thing the would have learned their lesson,but they did not.

Now again the story line and plot flow just as well as the last did and I have to submit to the idea that the initial. Idea of military intelligence( what a oxymoron) always makes stupid choices. I did enjoy this one almost as much as the first season, however it was not as good and im giving it a 7/10 for that and the other reasons I have talked about.

Strike witches

Genres: action, ecchi, fantasy, sci-fi

Themes: magic, guns, fan service, yuri, witches

Objectionable content: nudity, ecchi,

Quoting that seventies show” Panties! Glorious panties!!”( no im not that old though)  But seriously there is a lot of panty shots in this!

Strike witches is about the 501st joint fighter squadron, with is a n=multinational group of magic using witches brought together to fight invaders called Neuroi. The group is made up off all female witches who don armored leggings called striker units witch augment their magic abilities, witch are the only things that seem to help in fighting neuroi.

Now besides the fact of the absolutely ridiculous amount of panty shots witch seems to be normal in this world( im not joking here) the story itself is a very well built one, it flows nicely the entire farm and when an episode does not have them fighting it is dealing with each characters past and the character getting to know each other better. Simply put I very much enjoyed the entire thing.

Now because of this I shall give Strike witches a 9/10 and one last comment, considering the ending , im really confused as to how they have a second season( look forward to my review of it).