while we all look at what the new season has to offer here is something a little different this week.

lately i myself have gotten into both reading and writing fan-fiction.  in all honesty caleb there was the one who caused me to get into it so ill give you all the links to our works so far

i also hope you guys take a look at what other authors have written as well, many of their works are very well done.


Caleb1993 Introduction and Spring 2013 Anime Season Overview

Hello everyone I am Caleb1993. From today on I am going to be a new reviewer on Touhou Fanatics Reviews. Today, I’m going to be presenting a highlight of the spring 2013 anime season. So I hope you enjoy and until my first full review, enjoy!

Spring 2013 Anime Season Overview


The spring 2013 anime season is the first one that I’ve truly jumped on board right from the get go. It has been full of a nice variety of series and I’ve managed to watch many of them. Thankfully, only one has managed to be dropped, while all the others that I’ve watched remain on my watch list as I work through this season. Here are my quick thoughts on each of the ones I’ve watched.





Date a Live: The first series I watched and one of my most anticipated. Sadly, only the character designs hold up to my anticipation. The rest of the series is a guilty pleasure due to the ludicrous concept and the bad pacing and plot. It is a bad series that I’m continuing to watch purely as a guilty pleasure.







Attack on Titan: The most popular anime this season is also one of my least favorite. While the concept is sound and I love the voice work and soundtrack, the overall show is hard for me to work through. Throughout the first episode I found it lacking and was disappointed enough that I have yet (as of this writing) watched further in. Until I do so however, I refuse to give further judgement.












Valvrave the Liberator: My most anticipated series of this season and sadly a great big let-down. While it still has enough time to turn itself around, the latest work from the writer of Code Geass and the animation studio Sunrise has been lacking. It has a confusing plot that has tended to throw things out of nowhere at the viewer (hickey giving vampire to switch bodies… wth? In a mech series… even more wth?). As I said before, it still has a lot of time to pick up in quality, but until then this is another guilty pleasure for me. Hopefully it will turn itself around and become worthy of its predecessors (Code Geass and Guilty Crown).






Majestic Prince: The most put down upon mecha series this season and one of my favorites (though not in my top three). With a cast of characters that stands out from  the usual mecha cast and a great, no, amazing squad based set up for the characters, this series has held my attention from episode one onwards. I eagerly anticipate the newest episode each week and make sure to make time to watch it. I recommend this series to mecha fans, no doubt about it.







Photo Kano: Harem series with a plot! A good and engaging plot too. Another one of my top series for this season, though still not breaking into my top three (much like Majestic Prince). This series had my interest due to my hobbyist love of photography.

The protagonist’s photography skills caught my attention and the focus on photography, as well as a currently engaging and lovely cast of girls, keeps me engaged in this series. It’s one I’d recommend to anyone looking for a cute romance this season.






Devil Survivor 2 The Animation: Ah, Devil Survivor 2, based off of one of my favorite RPG franchises (and the sequel to my favorite 3DS game… Break Code, please, come out sooner!). Devil Survivor 2 is my number three for this season of anime. I adore it. The pacing of the plot is wonderful and the core cast; Hibiki, Daichi and Io, are awesome. The animation is also very crisp and smooth and the soundtrack is astounding (as is the voice work). Everything combines together to make a pitch perfect package that I recommend very highly. So why isn’t it my favorite? Well, that will soon be revealed!








Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: Urobutcher, you sly man. Creating a series without all the brutality and horrific imagery of 


Madoka, or Fate/Zero, or just about anything else you’ve done. Gargantia is a gem of anime. Very calmly paced and engaging, it follows a Galactic Alliance pilot by the name of Ledo and his mech (known as a Machine Caliber) Chamber, as they end up stranded on a flooded Earth after a failed attack on the alien species known as the Hideauze. Now stranded on a planet where he doesn’t understand the language or the customs of the people, and is far and above technologically superior, he’s going to have to figure out how to  survive. And this is the concept behind Gargantia, and it is done perfectly. From the constant usage of Chamber to translate the language of Earth’s natives, to the huge technological and cultural gaps that are shown off, this series does it properly. I cannot heap enough praise onto Gargantia, it is a very top of the line anime. Hopefully it will maintain this level of quality and end up as a new classic. I highly, highly recommend this anime.





The Devil is a Part-Timer: Okay, my number one anime of the 2013 season! The Devil is a Part-Timer is charming, engaging and a series I can truly identify with (don’t ask…). So, why is this 


anime my number one of the season? Well, that is because it is pure genius, following a Demon King from a fantasy world whose war against humanity is pushed to the brink of loss by the legendary hero. Opening a portal, he and his greatest general Alsiel are transported to modern day Tokyo, Japan, where they must adapt to the day to day, non-magical, life of reality. Here, Alsiel becomes a domestic caretaker by the name of Shiro Ashiya and the Demon King becomes a part-timer at MgRonalds (you know what that is) by the name of Sadao Mao. Now stuck in near poverty, the two work on finding a way to regain their magic and return to their homeland so that they can finish their conquest. All the while, they are hounded by the legendary hero Emilia who followed them through the portal, now a call-center worker by the name of Emi Yusha. From there, things just get better and better. With this in mind, it’s the plot’s pacing, the hijinks and the budding romantic tension between Mao and Emi that really make this series stand as the cream of the crop for 2013’s spring anime season. I am now going to go around and tell everyone to watch this one. It is so freaking good.

Overview End!


Thank you for reading and I hope this gave everyone an idea of the spring 2013 season. There are still many series I want to look into and some that I won’t watch till I’ve watched the first seasons again (Railgun and Oreimo), so I’ll probably have more reviews for the season in the future. I’ll also be giving full reviews of many of these series once they’re done. So look forward to those. Until my next review, this has been Caleb1993. 

Code geass queen manga

Genres: comedy, action

Themes: mecha,

Objectionable content: mature – mature themes, partial nudity


Okay so we go from the mostly serious main storyline to completely hilarious Every day in the blink of an eye.

Code geass queen  is a bunch of short stories that focus on comedy meant for the male crowd, while its inverse code geass Knight is meant for the female crowd. It is mostly comedy or alternate telling’s of minor story points such as villetas amnesia. While it is not meant to be taken seriously I do believe that some points are meant to be considered canon, such as leloush’s incompetence at driving a knightmare.

Considering its comedic mentality combined with the odd side points that may or not be canon I do honeslty recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh at the expense of all the characters.


Story/plot:  7.1

Character interactions/relations: 6.7

Actions/ events:9.3



Ouran high school host club

Genres:  comedy, romance, slice of life, drama

Themes: , cross dressing, male harem, bishounen, parody, twins

Objectionable content: minor – slightly mature themes, cross-dressing


If rich private schools are like this it’s no wonder why rich people seem to piss me off!

Our high school host club is about exactly that, the club called the host club in the extremely private rich and posh school called ouran academy. This host club is basically a social gathering spot for the girls of this school to fawn over the guys of the host club; only problem here being because of circumstance a girl by the name of haruhi has to pose as a girl and work at this host club.

As it is just this would make the entire severely dry but because of haruhi’s unique circumstances and history it keeps thongs partially afloat. This series is supposed to be comedy but in all honesty I did not think much of the jokes in had in it and the events that were supposed to funny I just found odd, or at the best moments where I had to scream a WTF ( what the frick).

The storyline itself was not bad initially, but I just cannot get past half of its stupidity, I know it’s well liked but I honestly don’t really think much of it!



Story/plot: 6.4

Character interactions/relations:6.7

Actions/ events:4.1



Kokoro Connect

Genres:  comedy, drama, romance, school, slice of life, phycological


Objectionable content:  moderate – slightly mature themes and actions, mature subject matter.


Imagine, the club you are a part of in school now gets semi regular visits from a body possessing alien who likes to screw with all your lives for his own entertainment. That basically sums it up.

In kokoro connect the cultural research club has a problem, a being called heartseed has come and is now pulling their lives apart thread by gathered for his own entertainment by causing supernatural happenings,  in the order of body swapping, uncontrollable urges, age regression and forced empathy( emotion telepathy).

I kid you not. Kokoro connect is basically a slice of life anime with these instances in it where the main plot workings are how the five friends are affected by these different happenings, and how it affects their respective relationships.

While its actual plot may sound odd it is actually very well done and is highly effective in what it sets out to do, making you think about how these things affect people and about the different kinds of people around us.

I really recommend it, it is worth watching even if it’s just for the hilarious hijinks.


Story/plot: 8.5

Character interactions/relations:9.8

Actions/ events:7.2