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Ao no exorcist / blue exorcist review

Genres: action, comedy drama, fantasy

Themes: demons

Objectionable content: significant blood and violence

So what happens when the devil satan makes a kid with a human wife. The okamura twins is what happens, and it’s a dangerous combination indeed!

Rin okamura has lived his entire life seeming as if something is wrong, he’s far stronger and more durable than most and always gets into fights. He finds out when a demon from the demon world of gehenaa comes to take him that he and his brother yukio are actually the sons of satan himself. When his father dies protecting him from satan he decides to become an exorcist like his father and then to kick satans ass.

For its storyline having a ridiculous amount of religious overtones and undertones it is quite good, having many characters of different styles and ideals making the way they all interact just absolutely a ball to watch. I do have some serious problems with many points however, though most of them are centred around the fact of their main organization is the freaking Vatican(though other religions work with them), seriously cannot people come up with something more original for an agency to fight evil like seriously does know one remember the crusades? Either way this anime is very fun to watch and the action is well one to match everything else well.

Story/plot: 6.3

Character interactions/relations: 7.1

Actions/ events7.9


Summer wars review

Genres: adventure, comedy, romance, action

Themes: computers, family, social networking,

Objectionable content: Mild- nothing dangerously worthy of note

On first thought the name summer wars sounds like a movie about water fights where in reality it is more similar to the .hack series or the matrix on some points. During the summer, math genius kenji koiso goes with his secret crush and the school biggest love natsuki to her home to pretend he is her boyfriend. During his stay he gets  a random text that is a jumble of numbers, he gets it wrong but many others get it right allowing a learning Hacking AI to take over the world’s biggest social control called oz which controls everything from street lights to emergency vehicles and space satellites. It then goes on a spree witch causes mass hysteria and global panic. This climaxes with it attempting to drop a satellite on a nuclear reactor witch Causes kill millions. To stop it, kenji, natsuki and her cousin who uses one of the most famous fighter avatars in oz known as king kazama to fight the AI known as love machine.

Other than the simple fact that love machine would make a absolutely wonderful .hack// villain this anime is freaking awesome, spending its time in both the virtual and real world to hold it together with actions happening in both. Honestly I don’t want to say anymore or I’m worried I’ll ruin its awesomeness but everyone should seriously watch this movie or its awesome ness of 11/10 (yes I’m serious ) is going to waste!