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Strike witches the movie

strike  witches movieGenres: action, science fiction

Themes: fanservice, mecha, military, witches, weapons

Objectionable content: moderate – blood, violence, mature themes


Picking up where the second season of strike witches left off, yoshika miyafuji and major sakamoto have both returned to fuso with no magic to go back to their lives, sakamoto as a military teacher and miyafuji as a student of medacine so she can become a doctor of normal means not magic. After a meeting with a new fusio witch by the name of shizuka hattori and the chance to study medicine at the greatest school in Europe, miyafuji goes with hattori as her bodyguard.

Once in Europe after many clashes between miyafuji’s personality and hattories military strictness they meet up with some of the old 501st bringing back memories and happiness, but on the way to the school miyafuji and hattori go awry to help a village and encounter a new kind of neuroi, subterranean ones.

Basially I really like how this one pick up where the second season leaves off, especially since the 501st reforms( again) to battle the newest neuroi threat. For a full length movie it is very well done and the perfect hinge to start the third season that is obviously soon to come!


Story/plot: 8.8

Character interactions/relations:7.9

Actions/ events:9.3




Soul eater , not! Volume 1

soul eater notGenres: action, comedy, supernatural

Themes: school, weapons

Objectionable content:  violence, mature themes

Everyone here has watched and or read soul eater I’m assuming, and if you have not you should, but here we have the sequel to soul eater.

Okay so not quite. First of all lets explain a mechanic you only hear about in soul eater not.

In the dwma there are 2 kinds of students the EAT(especially advantaged talent) and the NOT( normally overcome target).  Characters like soul and maka and almost everyone you see I the anime are party of the EAT group which makes up about 10% of the school everyone else is part of the NOT and are not allowed to go on mission or hunt for souls like witches.

This manga series is started about the same time or a little earlier than soul eater and follows a NOT student by the name of tsugumi who needs to find a partner who can wield her and the confidence in herself to attempt to join the EAT classes witch all NOT’s aspire to join while they learn to control their powers and skills, not to fight.

Simply put it is set in the same universe as soul eater and there are appearances of known characters (like prezombie sid) all over the place to help this manga feel connected to the original series. As far as action goes it has less than soul eater but it makes up with more character relation and a lot more comedy to boot.

I’ve yet to read the second volume that is out yet but ive good feeling for this and do hope it becomes an anime to sequel soul eater.


Story/plot: 8.9

Character interactions/relations:9.5

Actions/ events:7.1



Astarotte’s Toy

astarottes toyGenres: comedy, drama, romance, supernatural, ecchi

Themes: anthropomorphic monsters,  fan service, harem, lolicon, panchira(panty flashing) succubi, tsundere

Objectionable content:  significant – meant for mature audiences, mature themes and innuendo


okay so first of all, I’m going to say this was  interesting to review but I also want everyone to know that this anime is defiantly not meant for younger audiences I believe.

One day while job hunting noaya tohara is taken to a magic land to work for its princess, the princess in question is princess Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar who is a succubus, and is like maybe 12 by the looks of it. Noaya has been taken to work as part of the princess’s harem so she will never need to worry about having energy, after all succubi live off of life energy from men. To complicate issues noaya is a father with a daughter that looks around the same age( we never actually get told her age but though she looks younger than lotte it is estimated or vaguely told to us that she is the same age or older).

The anime itself is entirely character based without fights other than verbal face offs and is actually centered around lotte and how things change in her life with noaya and asuha( noaya’s daughter). In all honesty the anime is very well made and executed and open for a sequel as many secrets have not been put out into the opening, the biggest one being that asuha and lotte are actually half-sisters and lotte’s mother loves noaya( as the did have a kid together)

Honestly it was enjoyable to watch and I am intrigued by how things could continue to unfold as everyone’s lives continue to change.


Story/plot: 8.5

Character interactions/relations:9.8

Actions/ events:6.2



Fate stay night

fate stayGenres: action, drama, fantasy, romance, school

Themes: magic, weapons, servants, mythology, spirits, superpowers

Objectionable content:  significant – heavy violence, blood and gore, mature themes


The holy grail, a chalice of power that grants wishes or a weapon of mass destruction?

Shirou Emiya lost both of his parent in a great fire that engulfed a large portion of the city where he lives, this fire also took the lives of hundred and was caused by servants of magi who longed for an ancient artifact, the Holy Grail. These magi and their servants fought for this artifact to grant any wish they might have had, and now it is time for the next war, and emiya along with other he knows are now in it.

Fate stay night is a pretty well-known anime and I’ve heard a lot about it before watching it but maybe I had heard far too much hype about it as I found it less then I was told. The storyline itself is not bad but it takes it time when first starting, and this is not even the points where they randomly make exceptions to rules they state about the wars( like servants having to have masters)

The character relations are far better as each character has their own personality and very few get along perfectly together with creates a great amount of discontent between both enemies and allies alike.

Both of these have good and bad points but when you combine them with the well done fight scenes it works out well, I only wish we had seen more masters in the war.

Story/plot: 7,2

Character interactions/relations:9.5

Actions/ events:7.3


Hagure Yūsha no Aestetica

Genres:  action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, ecchi

Themes: other worlds, fan service, harem, superpowers, magic, weapons

Objectionable content: significant – mature and sexual themes, intense themes and strong partial nudity

The end of rpg’s!

Akatsuki is summoned to the other world of arezard to be their hero and defeat the demon king witch he does. When he returns though he brings the demon kings daughter with him witch was the demon king’s last request. Upon returning he gets told (forced) to go to the school/facility made to train people who came back from other worlds. What awaits him and the demon kings daughter there neither of them could have expected..

The anime’s storyline itself is pretty interesting as it kind of picks up where almost every rpg even close to it leaves off and I must admit that the action in it is also rather well thought out, they even leave no holes in the explanation of people capabilities. There is one thing however that does drive me nuts about this anime however and that is the absolutely ridiculous amount of breasts!

Now I did say it had significant nudity and I was not lying  and it makes sense when you find out that the anime’s main people it is p9nted ar is 17 -44 year old males but I just find that most of it goes past even the point of fan service and is just taking up space. I’ll admit that some points of the M rated parts do contribute to storyline but most are just there for stupidities sake in all honesty. Maybe I’m just broken as a guy for not respecting it but I believe there is just far too much ecchi and almost R rated stuff here.


Story/plot: 8.4

Character interactions/relations:6.6

Actions/ events: 7.3

Side note: ridiculous amount of M rated material though it does not cross over to R rated, though it just barely doesn’t.