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seitokai yakuindomo review

Genres:  comedy, slice of life, school

Themes: dirty jokes, harem, student council

Objectionable content: significant – mature themes including dirty and perverted jokes and miscommunications.

Takatoshi is a new student in the recently gender integrated school in the area his family moved too. On his first day he gets suckered and coerced into joining the student council so there can be a guy on it to vouch for all the new guys that go to the school. Little does he realize that they three girls on the student council are very off.

One girl is a short loli genius. Another is a rich airhead and the student council president is perfect, except that all of them are complete perverts.

Basically take any kind of bad miscommunication and joke, turn it into a sexual joke and then make all the girls ay it.

It honestly is a breath of fresh air so to speak as so many anime have the men making sexual harassment jokes, do it’s a little odd that the girls do. Especially since there’s a lot of the jokes.the anime is basically just comedy and school for what happens to the four members of the student council but having such an alternated storyline is refreshing as it gives it a different view. And honestly the jokes the girls do are so bad that I myself would end up being similar to takatoshi in that he tries to block their jokes at all times!

Story/plot: 7.2

Character interactions/relations:7.4

Actions/ events: 5.8


New anime spotlight

Simply put instead of a full anime I’ve watched the first episodes of a few of the new anime coming out presently. Most only have one or two episodes out so the storyline still has room to grow for most so I shall not be judging them with a number but with just my thought on them from seeing the first episode.


Genres: action, psychological, sci-fi

Themes: unknown( as in we don’t know yet)

Objectionable content:  intense violence and gore.

Okay so from the first look it seems that in the world there is an online game called btoom, in it people fight with sonar and bombs, that’s it. Sakamoto ryota is a college reject who lives with his mom and is the best player of btoom in japan who one day wakes up on a island with a pouch of bombs exactly like those in the game and then is attacked by another person who he ends up killing, violently.

Is it just me or does this sound like a combination of halo and bomber man? Honestly I’m not expecting too much from this anime personally as the plot thus far seems kind of dry to what it could be, and the action looks to be the only thing that’s good as the character interaction is very little.


Busou shinki

Genres: action, comedy, sci-fi, slice of life

Themes: living dolls, mecha

Objectionable content: light violence (so far)

Okay I seriously thought that the character in this were cheap knock off of infinite stratos when I first saw them honesty.

Basically in the world there are 15 cm, dolls called shinki who have personalities all their own who serve only their one master. These shinki can dawn armour to fight each other fpr multiple reasons.

The anime itself seems to be mostly following the high schools freshman rihito’s three shinki more than him in the anime and show the mischief and fun they get into. It is very comedic and does do a good job of explaining things when the action or story gets a little slow.


Girls und panzer

Genres: action, school, tanks, war


Objectionable content:  potential violence?

This anime ought to be paid for by the mmo world of tanks!

In a world where the art of combatting tanks is considered an art akin to flower arrangement there are schools that have it in their curriculum. Miho is a girl who has transferred schools to get away from her bad memories of this but as she transfers in they bring it back to this school and coerce her into it again.

We don’t see too much action in the first episode except for a foreshadow event at the start of the episode but this first episode does do a good job of setting up some background and character relations. I think this anime has the potential to be good or bad, though I must admit the animating for the tanks look s like they stole the sprites from world of tanks a bit as the tanks are all done.



Genres: comedy, romance, school

Themes: forbidden love, harem,

Objectionable content:  slight( well this is comedic incest)

Okay so why is it I’m getting a vibe similar to kisssxsis here? Oh wait that’s because they both have a major plot point of forbidden love to a sibling!!

Okay so Akito Himenokōji lives at his school dorms and his twin sister whom he has not seen for six years akiko has come to the same school and is going to be staying at the same dorms as him. Only thing is she’s a pervert who is intent on getting together with her brother, and the lengths and miscommunications between them are ridiculous indeed.

Honestly this one has a lot of potential as it’s a harem anime were akiko is fighting or her brothers love with three other girls but honestly it still just ends up being a forbidden love story, so if that’s your thing then here ya go



So that’s all I’ll be commenting on for now, but please do comment on what you think these anime shall become or whatever your thoughts on them may be!


Goshuushou sama ninomiya kun (my condolences ninomiya kun)

Goshuushou sama ninomiya kun

Genre’s : comedy, romance, action, ecchi, school

Themes:  maids, succubus, guns

Objectionable content: moderate fan service, impartial nudity

If you like the idea of a girl who sucks the life force out of you, we got a good one this week. Goshuushou sama ninomiya kun or my condolences ninomiya kun is about a boy named ninomiya shungo (big surprise huh). He lives almost alone in this huge house his sister acquired. His sister, who is a world class mercenary by the looks of it, one day comes by and almost literally drops a pink haired well-endowed girl on top of him. His dear sister and this girls brother then later basically tell him, yeah she’s a succubus who is afraid of men, it’s your job to help her get over her fear and at the same time protect her, oh and by help her get over her fear they mean, to bathe, sleep and live together and to also participate in some absolutely ridiculous and intimately stupid training with her.

The story complicates even more when hojou reika, the school’s student president and the heir to the Hojou Corporation ends up working at their house as a maid, partially because of her love for ninomiya shungo. Add in a few crazed mercenary bands, attack fighters and a serious case of split personality and you have the base storyline in a nutshell!

This does not mean the storyline is bad, it is actually quite well thought out and unfolds well. When it gets into shungo’s past things get a bit confusing but that is because he does not remember his past entirely, which is the main thing that causes so any problems for him and everyone else. If you’re looking for a great amount of comedy and action with a dash of romance and a whole lot of ecchi and fan service take a look at it, I think you’ll like it. 7.8/10