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tengen toppa gurren lagaan eps 16- 27 review

Genres: action, comedy, drama, science fiction

Themes: mecha, post apocalyptic, super robot, fighting spirit

Objectionable content: significant- violonce, blood, and mature themes

Fuuuuuu. Gods damn it all to hell! Now I’m ridiculously sad and so was the ending.

Okay o episode 16 was just a summary episode but as episode seventeen begins it tells us right away that the story continues 7 years in the future when the humans and some beast men live together in harmony and peace while a select few of the government who most of the main chars are part of are now in, prepare for the spiral kings warning from episode 15.

Quickly new invaders come and they must fight for the very survival of the universe against the gene sealing anti spirals. They go about and seal away spiral gene by killing them off to apparently try to save the universe from ultimate destruction with its own power.

These episodes as a whole compared to the first 15 have a lot more action, more drama and emotion, and finally explain a lot of things that we were left wondering from the first half. And with new allies like king genome’s head and viral who is now an immortal beast man makes this section of the anime my favourite except for one thing. It’s so frikkin sad!

Literally thy put so much emotion in to each loss of life I almost fully wept multiple times and then right at the end they, Ah I just can’t stand it . the anime came before the manga (witch I’ve red 4/6 of) so I won’t compare but if you are the same and did not like the ending quite as much as some people you should be aware there is 2 alternate manga retellings  of it. One that is based in a school called  tengen toppa gurren lagannguren gakuenhen that was only 6 manga long ( yes you get to see yoko in a school uniform) and one that is  based a little diffently with the same oddities and wirdness that happened to nia in the first called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Rasen Shounentan witch is still ongoing aperantly.

So seriously though people tell me what you think of the anime in the comments ide love to hear what everyone thinks

Story/plot: 8.8/10

Character interactions/relations:9.3

Actions/ events:9.7



tengen toppa gurren lagaan eps 1-15 review

Genres: action, comedy, drama, science fiction,

Themes: mecha, post-apocalyptic, super robot, fighting spirit

Objectionable content: significant- violence, blood, and mature themes

….so yeah episodes 1-15 end up having a perfectly great ending… but what the hell happens next !!!

The anime itself is a great thing with characters you believe. Simon who does not believe in himself, kanima who believes just in himself. And many others make3 this a ridiculous anime with lots of emotion, And about ten times more fighting.

I’m not complaining about this fact, it is just that a lot of things are left hanging at the end of this anime when randomly we hear about spiral power and a doom for the planet. With all this fighting it is almost as if the first 15 episodes are like a prequel for something bigger and more dangerous. I’m guessing the 16 ep ends up explaining more, and I hope it does.

And no I’m not summarizing its storyline, its well enough known so you’ll just have to watch it and wait for its sequel review

Story/plot: 6.1/10

Character interactions/relations: 8

Actions/ events: 9

code geass: lelouch of the rebbelion

Genres: action, drama, psychological, science fiction, supernatural

Themes: Alternate history, mecha, military, politics, real robot, school, strategic minds, war

Objectionable content:

Oh. My. Gods.

That’s all I can say at this point. I have not seen this good of mecha anime in such a long time, I may have to alter how I rate the reviews from now on to compensate because there is no way can mark this as a 10/10   without being sad at not being able to rate it higher.

Lelouch lamerouge is a British highschooler in area 11 of the holy Britannian Empire, area 11 was once known as japan but fell the might of the Britannian knightmare frames their mechs. He stumbles upon a power called geass that allows him to make anyone do anything, even genocide. Using this power he vows to help the one who gave it to him, a mysterious girl named cc and also vows to get vengeance on the ones who killed his mother. To do this he must bring does the largest country in the world, Britannia.

While he is very strategically minded using his power makes him a bit…okay a lot power hungry. Coupled with his complete lack of mental control until he partially loses his mind make him a powerful if very dangerous foe with little cares beyond protecting his sister. I honestly cannot think of a way to calculate the ranking for this awesome anime.


As for the new system for my reviews it shall now on be split into the story/plot, the character interaction/relations and  action/events. I shall also begin being a little harder on the animes I review as well.


Story/plot: 8.7/10

Character interactions/relations: 8.1

Actions/ events: 9.6

Vandread season 1 review

Genres: adventure, comedy, romance, science fiction

Themes: mecha, real robot, super robot, space

Objectionable content: significant – blood, mature content

Okay so how many people have trouble getting along with the opposite sex? Now imagine entire planets not getting along with their opposite sex, this is the initial setting for the anime vandread. Two planets, tarak and mejale are populated by just men and women respectively and they hate the other genders guts. A young third class male boy named hibiki tries to steal a machine part from a vanguard mech unit aboard the male battleship as it is trying to leave tarak, gets caught and thrown in the brig, and then proceeds to be one of only three men who get stuck on the battleship as it is abandoned when female pirates attack it.

The ships odd power core causes the female ship and the male ship to merge into asuper ship and even alters some of the female Dreads(fighters) so that they can merge with the one remaining vanguard unit creating three different super robots.

Now please don’t judge it just from this as the anime itself is actually very well done for a space opera as I’ve heard it called. The character relations are awkward because of where each character comes from and seeing the female crew deal with the men is a very fun thing to watch especially since the one female ends up liking hibiki a lot!

Now if u don’t loke mecha’s this might not be for you but please do give it a serious try as the anime pute out some very serious points and the fate of earth in this anime is actually kind of creepy considering what they end up doing to the rest of the galaxy, so please give the 8.9/10 a chance, please.

PS please forgive the lateness of the review, things are getting crazy for me but i will endevour to not be this late again in a review, once again sorry.

Broken Blade

Genres: action, drama, fantasy

Themes: mecha, politics, tragedy, war

Objectionable content:  significant – blood, mature themes

I have noticed that a lot of anime mecha series seem to like the idea of someone having a super mecha and having only one person able to pilot them. Broken blade however takes a different approach to this were the mech is not exactly super powered in some regards and can only be piloted by one man, but the one man is not special, more of a shunned existence.

On the continent of cruzon all the peoples that live upon it have the innate ability to freely manipulate quartz, which they call magic. They “forge” quartz into anything they need, be it cars, pistons or artificial muscles for the Golems they create from the quartz. With their manipulation of quartz they have no need for oil or metal, which is hard to find on cruzon in the first place.

The main man of the series rygart arrow is known as an un-sorcerer, a man who is unable to lift even the smallest piece of quartz. He lives with his younger brother who is also unable to use magic on the farm left to them by his deceased father. He gets a letter from his friend hotr, the current king of his country to meet him in the capitol, once there hotr  and his wife sigyn a golem engineer show him an ancient golem used by the ancients. It unlike golems now uses a metal frame and none seem able to pilot the thing. The mine they are at comes under attack and he ends up falling into its cockpit, with then activated with numerous electronic screens and noises completely unfamiliar to him. He leaps straight out of the mine and shows hat this “undergolem” seems to have far superior muscles and strength in all fields except one, it cannot fire guns of any kind.

Now it does take a bit at the start o get going but the 6 movies of broken blade flow very nicely and keep you into it by keeping things going through contact action, be it physical or political. The fighting scenes are good too, sowing rygarts skills increases slowly and not instantly like in some other mech series. The fact of he has to use primarily melee in a war with long range weaponry also makes the fight scens very interesting.

The series itself is a beautifully done series that is very open for a sequal series in gthe future and I look forward to one if it does come about, I hope you all give the 6 movies a chance as they are wonderfully done with great characters and wonderfully done story. 9.7/10