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Ouran high school host club

Genres:  comedy, romance, slice of life, drama

Themes: , cross dressing, male harem, bishounen, parody, twins

Objectionable content: minor – slightly mature themes, cross-dressing


If rich private schools are like this it’s no wonder why rich people seem to piss me off!

Our high school host club is about exactly that, the club called the host club in the extremely private rich and posh school called ouran academy. This host club is basically a social gathering spot for the girls of this school to fawn over the guys of the host club; only problem here being because of circumstance a girl by the name of haruhi has to pose as a girl and work at this host club.

As it is just this would make the entire severely dry but because of haruhi’s unique circumstances and history it keeps thongs partially afloat. This series is supposed to be comedy but in all honesty I did not think much of the jokes in had in it and the events that were supposed to funny I just found odd, or at the best moments where I had to scream a WTF ( what the frick).

The storyline itself was not bad initially, but I just cannot get past half of its stupidity, I know it’s well liked but I honestly don’t really think much of it!



Story/plot: 6.4

Character interactions/relations:6.7

Actions/ events:4.1




Bimbogami ga!

bimbogami gaGenres:  comedy, supernatural, ecchi, parody, school

Themes: luck, misfortune, gods

Objectionable content: significant – mature themes, moderate comedy violence and a few episodes with partial nudity.


Dirty misfortune gods, masochistic, dogs and a whole lot of good and bad fortune, wait what?

Ichiko sakura has it all, rich family, high intelligence and even a drop dead body. However she does not realize that this is due to two thing, she has an insanely large amount of good fortune, and she steals other peoples good fortune. She finds this out when the gods of misfortune send one of their own to steal her fortune and give it to others, unfortunately for them sakura is not fond of this idea and fight back against the misfortune god sent at her known as momiji.

This anime itself is mainly a comedy with lots of comedic violence between sakura and momiji, it does however take upon itself to show many serious points when momiji teaches sakura what exactly she is doing to those around her as she subconsciously tries to help sakura learn to use her fortune for good.

It also has many support characters including the masochistic dog god momoo inugami, the monk bobby, and sakura’s tomboyish friend ranmaru rindo, couple this with the almost ridiculous amount of parodies they do (seriously I lost count on how many times they did a parody of something) and you have a very good anime that knows its own limits only when things get serious.

All in all I really do like this anime and I definitely recommend it for both the storyline and the comedy.


Story/plot: 8.6

Character interactions/relations:7.8

Actions/ events:8.3

haiyore nyaruko san reveiw

Genres:  comedy, romance, sci-fi

Themes:  aliens, parody

Objectionable content:  very significant – extreme amounts of both violence, blood and sexual innuendo/ecchi.

Cthulu has entered anime! Okay not cthulu itself but the cthulu mythos from lovecraft’s novels at least have.

Basically the old gods of the cthulu mythos in lovecrafts novels are actually aliens, some good, some bad. The good ones seem to work for the cthulu corporation to keep peace in the universe, so when some bad aliens come to earth with is the entertainment capital of the universe to steal its doujinshi and capture humans for their slave trade. The nyarlotepian nyarko comes in to save them, them being a boy named mahiro yasaka. Little does he know that the only reason she saved him really is she likes him and that by liking him his life is about to be turned inside out!

Honestly, this anime has a lot of excess. Excess violence and excess ecchi. The entire thing is basically storied around nyarko trying to get into mahiro’s pants, and many points that they pull do not make sense. The only thing it has for it, is decent comedy, and very descriptive fight scenes, not many of them either. Simply put I did not think much of it.


Story/plot: 4

Character interactions/relations:6.7

Actions/ events:5.1



Baka to test shokanju season 2 review

Genres: comedy, romance, action

Themes: parody, school, school war,

Objectionable content: significant – violence, mature themes, large quantities of non violent blood

continuing the awesomeness of the first season the second season of baka to test shokanju has just as much comedy without sacrificing the storylines from the first, in fact it continues them. The romances bloom showing which characters will probably go with whom in th third season ( there will be one im sure) and it continues with even more varied action with the crazy little avatar chibi summons. Everything from talking summons to werewolf summons make appearances and these actually are used to help along other story line section in addition to creating absolutely ridiculously amazing comedy. I  have to say that if I give you any more spoilers it would be too much charity and that this season is just as good as the first, making this series one of my top 5 fav’s now. I give it a 10/10 just as its first and am telling you that you have to watch this, im not giving you a choice in the matter!

Baka to test shokanju season 1 review

Genres: comedy, romance, action

Themes: parody, school, school war,

Objectionable content: significant – violence, mature themes, large quantities of non violent blood

If I had went to a high school were your test scores said how well equipped your classroom was or a school where you could summon an miniature avatar of yourself who’s strength is based on you strength in different classes oi probably would have done even better than I already did ( mainly 70’s). this is the setting for the anime baka to test shokanju.

In this school your second year class is told from how well you do in a placement exam. You can get in class A consisting of the best and brightest to class F the idiots and malcontents. Along with the original test students can summon their avatars to fight with their scores on test, but if they lose they have to take more tests to make up for it.

What happens however is one of the most intelligent students becomes sick during the placement test and fails getting sent to the F classroom for all time, however she ends up having many friends to help her and they decide to have a TEST WAR to beat other classes and tske their equipment.

The storyline for this anime is freaking awesome I believe and is helped along by the fact that noting is left unexplained in the anime so you always know what is going on, the main character is an idiot but with all the characters in it it makes for an absolutely excellent cast of characters to keep u watching as you laugh your asses off. The action in the Test wars is not insanely heavy but it is done very elegantly to complement the quick battles and strategy that they are used with. All in all I have not had an anime I enjoyed so much in quite a while and I really hope the second season is as good and that you’ll all give it a good fighting chance with a 10/10.