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Astarotte’s Toy

astarottes toyGenres: comedy, drama, romance, supernatural, ecchi

Themes: anthropomorphic monsters,  fan service, harem, lolicon, panchira(panty flashing) succubi, tsundere

Objectionable content:  significant – meant for mature audiences, mature themes and innuendo


okay so first of all, I’m going to say this was  interesting to review but I also want everyone to know that this anime is defiantly not meant for younger audiences I believe.

One day while job hunting noaya tohara is taken to a magic land to work for its princess, the princess in question is princess Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar who is a succubus, and is like maybe 12 by the looks of it. Noaya has been taken to work as part of the princess’s harem so she will never need to worry about having energy, after all succubi live off of life energy from men. To complicate issues noaya is a father with a daughter that looks around the same age( we never actually get told her age but though she looks younger than lotte it is estimated or vaguely told to us that she is the same age or older).

The anime itself is entirely character based without fights other than verbal face offs and is actually centered around lotte and how things change in her life with noaya and asuha( noaya’s daughter). In all honesty the anime is very well made and executed and open for a sequel as many secrets have not been put out into the opening, the biggest one being that asuha and lotte are actually half-sisters and lotte’s mother loves noaya( as the did have a kid together)

Honestly it was enjoyable to watch and I am intrigued by how things could continue to unfold as everyone’s lives continue to change.


Story/plot: 8.5

Character interactions/relations:9.8

Actions/ events:6.2




vexilleGenres: sci-fi

Themes:  mecha, military, politics, guns, wepons

Objectionable content: significant-  significant violence, blood and gore and mature themes

This would make a very good storyline for a science fiction first person shooter ( or third person shooter).

Human technology has progressed to such an extent that cybernetics, robotics and computerized intelligences are the norm, and it could be used to create human androids that would be impossible to distinguish from normal humans. To stop this the united nations makes the creation of human android and cybernetics illegal, japan however is adamantly against this and fights these new rules fiercely. After many repeated attempts japan does the unthinkable and leaves the UN, taking up a policy of international isolation witch is realized though advanced technology that stops them from being seen or heard of. After ten years of international isolation Japanese international activity of an unknown actions is discovered and it is decided that the American  special forces group known as sword will investigate.

Now that Ive given you the introduction lets actually talk about what it means.

Vexille has a lot of action in it, mainly with mechanized armored suits ( or mad max style junk cars) with a few simple chase scenes in foot. The reason for this is that all of japan is nonexistent and the only habitat for “people” is a slums with few hiding spots, and although this makes some scenes oddly boring they still hold your attention throughout. The action itself is very heavy having much violence and loss of life on quite a few fronts and it luckily does not draw away from the story, witch is the main point here. The story itself is actually a rather interesting one that could in the next  200+ years come true in all honesty, lets just hope it does not.

Story/plot: 9.6

Character interactions/relations:6.7

Actions/ events:8.2

Read or die

Genres: action, drama, mystery, sci-fi

Themes: secret agents, superpowers, books

Objectionable content:  significant: blood, coarse language and violence as well as mature themes.


For all of you book worms out there we’ve found the best super power out there for you. The ability to control paper.

Yomiko readman works for the British library protecting both the world and its books from people who would use the knowledge of dangerous books for evil. He is known as the paper and has the ability to control and reinforce paper, making it as hard as steel or as sharp as a sword. With a soldier operative named drake Anderson and another operative named miss deep they go to recover a book that could end the world.

Although it is only a movie itself the story for it is rather original in nature when compared to most even though it has holes. The reason why some points are broken is because the movie actually seems to set up the sequel series of itself that continues years after the movie.

Honestly though while the story is kind of broken the action and intrigue as well as the random historical characters who pop up in it make it a worthy movie to watch.


Story/plot: 6.4

Character interactions/relations: 7.6

Actions/ events:.6.9



tengen toppa gurren lagaan eps 1-15 review

Genres: action, comedy, drama, science fiction,

Themes: mecha, post-apocalyptic, super robot, fighting spirit

Objectionable content: significant- violence, blood, and mature themes

….so yeah episodes 1-15 end up having a perfectly great ending… but what the hell happens next !!!

The anime itself is a great thing with characters you believe. Simon who does not believe in himself, kanima who believes just in himself. And many others make3 this a ridiculous anime with lots of emotion, And about ten times more fighting.

I’m not complaining about this fact, it is just that a lot of things are left hanging at the end of this anime when randomly we hear about spiral power and a doom for the planet. With all this fighting it is almost as if the first 15 episodes are like a prequel for something bigger and more dangerous. I’m guessing the 16 ep ends up explaining more, and I hope it does.

And no I’m not summarizing its storyline, its well enough known so you’ll just have to watch it and wait for its sequel review

Story/plot: 6.1/10

Character interactions/relations: 8

Actions/ events: 9

code geass: lelouch of the rebbelion

Genres: action, drama, psychological, science fiction, supernatural

Themes: Alternate history, mecha, military, politics, real robot, school, strategic minds, war

Objectionable content:

Oh. My. Gods.

That’s all I can say at this point. I have not seen this good of mecha anime in such a long time, I may have to alter how I rate the reviews from now on to compensate because there is no way can mark this as a 10/10   without being sad at not being able to rate it higher.

Lelouch lamerouge is a British highschooler in area 11 of the holy Britannian Empire, area 11 was once known as japan but fell the might of the Britannian knightmare frames their mechs. He stumbles upon a power called geass that allows him to make anyone do anything, even genocide. Using this power he vows to help the one who gave it to him, a mysterious girl named cc and also vows to get vengeance on the ones who killed his mother. To do this he must bring does the largest country in the world, Britannia.

While he is very strategically minded using his power makes him a bit…okay a lot power hungry. Coupled with his complete lack of mental control until he partially loses his mind make him a powerful if very dangerous foe with little cares beyond protecting his sister. I honestly cannot think of a way to calculate the ranking for this awesome anime.


As for the new system for my reviews it shall now on be split into the story/plot, the character interaction/relations and  action/events. I shall also begin being a little harder on the animes I review as well.


Story/plot: 8.7/10

Character interactions/relations: 8.1

Actions/ events: 9.6