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Astarotte’s Toy

astarottes toyGenres: comedy, drama, romance, supernatural, ecchi

Themes: anthropomorphic monsters,  fan service, harem, lolicon, panchira(panty flashing) succubi, tsundere

Objectionable content:  significant – meant for mature audiences, mature themes and innuendo


okay so first of all, I’m going to say this was  interesting to review but I also want everyone to know that this anime is defiantly not meant for younger audiences I believe.

One day while job hunting noaya tohara is taken to a magic land to work for its princess, the princess in question is princess Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar who is a succubus, and is like maybe 12 by the looks of it. Noaya has been taken to work as part of the princess’s harem so she will never need to worry about having energy, after all succubi live off of life energy from men. To complicate issues noaya is a father with a daughter that looks around the same age( we never actually get told her age but though she looks younger than lotte it is estimated or vaguely told to us that she is the same age or older).

The anime itself is entirely character based without fights other than verbal face offs and is actually centered around lotte and how things change in her life with noaya and asuha( noaya’s daughter). In all honesty the anime is very well made and executed and open for a sequel as many secrets have not been put out into the opening, the biggest one being that asuha and lotte are actually half-sisters and lotte’s mother loves noaya( as the did have a kid together)

Honestly it was enjoyable to watch and I am intrigued by how things could continue to unfold as everyone’s lives continue to change.


Story/plot: 8.5

Character interactions/relations:9.8

Actions/ events:6.2




Dog days season 2

Genres: action fantasy, romance

Themes:  animal people, catgirls, dog girl, fan-service, Harem, other worlds, weapons

Objectionable content: mild, fantasy violence, ecchi, mild

So where as the first dog days had an apocalyptic demon battle this one has, age reversal, body switching and random randomness.

Picking up where dog days 1 left off, summer has come again and shinku goes back to flonyard, only he brings his sister nanami and friend becky with him, and by doing so  gets them made into heroes for different nations two. And with them all as heroes the “wars” get even more ridiculous.

Now where the story does pick up where it left off I find myself needing more. The first season ended on an epic note and had epic battling, whereas thins ones battles stay cutesy though they do contribute to the storyline still.

And as far as the action goes, when becky and nanami come they join the war and end up being as skilled as shinku even though it took him nearly a full season to get to that point. I just find that even though this season keeps the story going, introduces new characters and sets it up for a third season it just seems a bit dry when compared to the first.

Story/plot: 7.2

Character interactions/relations:9.6

Actions/ events:7.4

New anime spotlight

Simply put instead of a full anime I’ve watched the first episodes of a few of the new anime coming out presently. Most only have one or two episodes out so the storyline still has room to grow for most so I shall not be judging them with a number but with just my thought on them from seeing the first episode.


Genres: action, psychological, sci-fi

Themes: unknown( as in we don’t know yet)

Objectionable content:  intense violence and gore.

Okay so from the first look it seems that in the world there is an online game called btoom, in it people fight with sonar and bombs, that’s it. Sakamoto ryota is a college reject who lives with his mom and is the best player of btoom in japan who one day wakes up on a island with a pouch of bombs exactly like those in the game and then is attacked by another person who he ends up killing, violently.

Is it just me or does this sound like a combination of halo and bomber man? Honestly I’m not expecting too much from this anime personally as the plot thus far seems kind of dry to what it could be, and the action looks to be the only thing that’s good as the character interaction is very little.


Busou shinki

Genres: action, comedy, sci-fi, slice of life

Themes: living dolls, mecha

Objectionable content: light violence (so far)

Okay I seriously thought that the character in this were cheap knock off of infinite stratos when I first saw them honesty.

Basically in the world there are 15 cm, dolls called shinki who have personalities all their own who serve only their one master. These shinki can dawn armour to fight each other fpr multiple reasons.

The anime itself seems to be mostly following the high schools freshman rihito’s three shinki more than him in the anime and show the mischief and fun they get into. It is very comedic and does do a good job of explaining things when the action or story gets a little slow.


Girls und panzer

Genres: action, school, tanks, war


Objectionable content:  potential violence?

This anime ought to be paid for by the mmo world of tanks!

In a world where the art of combatting tanks is considered an art akin to flower arrangement there are schools that have it in their curriculum. Miho is a girl who has transferred schools to get away from her bad memories of this but as she transfers in they bring it back to this school and coerce her into it again.

We don’t see too much action in the first episode except for a foreshadow event at the start of the episode but this first episode does do a good job of setting up some background and character relations. I think this anime has the potential to be good or bad, though I must admit the animating for the tanks look s like they stole the sprites from world of tanks a bit as the tanks are all done.



Genres: comedy, romance, school

Themes: forbidden love, harem,

Objectionable content:  slight( well this is comedic incest)

Okay so why is it I’m getting a vibe similar to kisssxsis here? Oh wait that’s because they both have a major plot point of forbidden love to a sibling!!

Okay so Akito Himenokōji lives at his school dorms and his twin sister whom he has not seen for six years akiko has come to the same school and is going to be staying at the same dorms as him. Only thing is she’s a pervert who is intent on getting together with her brother, and the lengths and miscommunications between them are ridiculous indeed.

Honestly this one has a lot of potential as it’s a harem anime were akiko is fighting or her brothers love with three other girls but honestly it still just ends up being a forbidden love story, so if that’s your thing then here ya go



So that’s all I’ll be commenting on for now, but please do comment on what you think these anime shall become or whatever your thoughts on them may be!


Ao no exorcist / blue exorcist review

Genres: action, comedy drama, fantasy

Themes: demons

Objectionable content: significant blood and violence

So what happens when the devil satan makes a kid with a human wife. The okamura twins is what happens, and it’s a dangerous combination indeed!

Rin okamura has lived his entire life seeming as if something is wrong, he’s far stronger and more durable than most and always gets into fights. He finds out when a demon from the demon world of gehenaa comes to take him that he and his brother yukio are actually the sons of satan himself. When his father dies protecting him from satan he decides to become an exorcist like his father and then to kick satans ass.

For its storyline having a ridiculous amount of religious overtones and undertones it is quite good, having many characters of different styles and ideals making the way they all interact just absolutely a ball to watch. I do have some serious problems with many points however, though most of them are centred around the fact of their main organization is the freaking Vatican(though other religions work with them), seriously cannot people come up with something more original for an agency to fight evil like seriously does know one remember the crusades? Either way this anime is very fun to watch and the action is well one to match everything else well.

Story/plot: 6.3

Character interactions/relations: 7.1

Actions/ events7.9

oreimo review

Genres:  comedy, slice of life, drama

Themes: imouto, otaku, siblings

Objectionable content: significant – action, innuendo, adult or at least late teen themes

Okay seriously I cannot fathom why the main guy in this anime has not slapped his sister at least twenty times over for being such a bitch!

The anime known in English as my little sister can’t be this cute or more commonly known as oreimo is about Kyousuke Kosaka who for almost all of his life has lived in the shadow of his ridiculously over achieving sister kirino, she’s popular, insanely loved in her school and even has a part time job as a freaking model! Oh did I mention she also basically ignores her brother completely and so does his parents because of her.

One day while going down the hall in his house kyousuke bumps into his sister and she drops her stuff, and an eroge ( adult video game) drops out onto the floor, she does not notice and has to tell her. From this moment he finds out that she is an avid otaku and eroge player, and is forced to help her with her problems as they arise from then on.

While the storyline is pretty well done I had some severe problems with some of the ways it unfolds, like when her friend finds out she’s an otaku she ends up basically trying to change her away from it or kill their friendship permanently. I don’t know if that kind of thing could happen in japan but it just seems a little bit off to me. That with the absolute stupid lengths that kyousuke will go for his sister that cares not for him just does not make sense in some way to me.

Other than the oddly weird sections the story unfolds well with well-done character interactions and reaction’s making it very funny to watch so I can at least give it a 7.5 for its comedy and character relations no?