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Strike witches the movie

strike  witches movieGenres: action, science fiction

Themes: fanservice, mecha, military, witches, weapons

Objectionable content: moderate – blood, violence, mature themes


Picking up where the second season of strike witches left off, yoshika miyafuji and major sakamoto have both returned to fuso with no magic to go back to their lives, sakamoto as a military teacher and miyafuji as a student of medacine so she can become a doctor of normal means not magic. After a meeting with a new fusio witch by the name of shizuka hattori and the chance to study medicine at the greatest school in Europe, miyafuji goes with hattori as her bodyguard.

Once in Europe after many clashes between miyafuji’s personality and hattories military strictness they meet up with some of the old 501st bringing back memories and happiness, but on the way to the school miyafuji and hattori go awry to help a village and encounter a new kind of neuroi, subterranean ones.

Basially I really like how this one pick up where the second season leaves off, especially since the 501st reforms( again) to battle the newest neuroi threat. For a full length movie it is very well done and the perfect hinge to start the third season that is obviously soon to come!


Story/plot: 8.8

Character interactions/relations:7.9

Actions/ events:9.3




To love ru

to love ruGenres: action, comedy, romance, ecchi, school, sci-fi

Themes: alien, fan service, harem, unrequited love

Objectionable content:significant – moderate violence, mature themes, large quantities of near complete nudity


You meet an alien and the first thing she does within a day of meeting you is messes up your confession to the girl you like and then thinks it’s her your confessing too!

That’s basically the gist of the entire first and part of the second episode except for the alien is the daughter of an interstellar conqueror and also an inventor. the rest of the anime has the main character yuki rito running around trying to actually confess to his love while the alien girl lala tries to win him over whilst her inventions and old would be aliens try to propose to her and take out rito in the process.

In all honesty I did not think much of the story, its rather simple and it really is just an outlet for ecchi and fan service so if you looking for lots of that then this anime is for you. The action and fight scenes are not too bad but they are nothing to write home about, the entire anime is just one giant fan service attempt witch apparently works as it has multiple ova’s and a second season coming out presently.


Story/plot: 4.2

Character interactions/relations:5.1

Actions/ events:6.0



haiyore nyaruko san reveiw

Genres:  comedy, romance, sci-fi

Themes:  aliens, parody

Objectionable content:  very significant – extreme amounts of both violence, blood and sexual innuendo/ecchi.

Cthulu has entered anime! Okay not cthulu itself but the cthulu mythos from lovecraft’s novels at least have.

Basically the old gods of the cthulu mythos in lovecrafts novels are actually aliens, some good, some bad. The good ones seem to work for the cthulu corporation to keep peace in the universe, so when some bad aliens come to earth with is the entertainment capital of the universe to steal its doujinshi and capture humans for their slave trade. The nyarlotepian nyarko comes in to save them, them being a boy named mahiro yasaka. Little does he know that the only reason she saved him really is she likes him and that by liking him his life is about to be turned inside out!

Honestly, this anime has a lot of excess. Excess violence and excess ecchi. The entire thing is basically storied around nyarko trying to get into mahiro’s pants, and many points that they pull do not make sense. The only thing it has for it, is decent comedy, and very descriptive fight scenes, not many of them either. Simply put I did not think much of it.


Story/plot: 4

Character interactions/relations:6.7

Actions/ events:5.1



Amaenaideyo!! + Amaenaideyo!! Katsu!!

Genres:  comedy, romance, supernatural

Themes: ecchi, fan service, harem

Objectionable content:  moderate – light violence and ecchi themes, partial nudity

Now I don’t know that much bout Buddhism but I do know that it tries to make people able to control their own desires and not have they run rampant. Knowing this I’m surprised Buddhist communities did not rage against this anime.

At the Saienji Buddhist temple that the main character ikkou’s grandmother runs all of the nuns and monks have the ability to exorcize spirits and angry ghosts. Ikkou being the only man there is surrounded with girls who all have brilliant skill in exorcism while he has none with one exception, when he gets aroused (usually by seeing one of them disrobed) he gains untold power, and then soon afterword’s becomes consumed by lust in what the nuns call his perverted rebound.

The story itself is about him and all the nuns trying to learn to control their own and his power but really half of the storyline is just there to provide fan service and harem ecchi to the viewer. The real storyline does not even really begin until a good two third through the first season and even in the second season when it is in full sing it looks like some parts were not thought out very well.

Story/plot: 4.3

Character interactions/relations: 6.1

Actions/ events: 6.2



Yumeria reveiw

Genres: adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance,

Themes: harem, dream world, time traveler

Objectionable content: moderate – ecchi, innuendo

When the boy tomokazu  mikuri goes to sleep on the eve of his 16th birthday he dreams of an odd realm where he sees a young girl in an oddly skimpy costume fighting a large geometric monstrosity. When he awakes, the girl is sleeping beside him! He finds that in this land where he continues to meet more girls he has the ability to amplify their power to fight the dream being known as faydoom, but not all is ass it seems.

Now I know what your thinking , dream worlds have been done before, but I tell you this now, yumeria is actually an old anime it seems and even though it is old, the story line is just as good as many new anime. Its storyline has huge comedy with thrown in character development and social building so we can see what the characters are actually like in the real world ( unlike the .//hack series). It also has variation in the creatures they fight and even meeting with time travelers. I’m not saying it was the first for anything i’m just saying that considering the anime’s age it is very well done and the  storyline is well developed and held together with a great 7.7/10.