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Strike witches the movie

strike  witches movieGenres: action, science fiction

Themes: fanservice, mecha, military, witches, weapons

Objectionable content: moderate – blood, violence, mature themes


Picking up where the second season of strike witches left off, yoshika miyafuji and major sakamoto have both returned to fuso with no magic to go back to their lives, sakamoto as a military teacher and miyafuji as a student of medacine so she can become a doctor of normal means not magic. After a meeting with a new fusio witch by the name of shizuka hattori and the chance to study medicine at the greatest school in Europe, miyafuji goes with hattori as her bodyguard.

Once in Europe after many clashes between miyafuji’s personality and hattories military strictness they meet up with some of the old 501st bringing back memories and happiness, but on the way to the school miyafuji and hattori go awry to help a village and encounter a new kind of neuroi, subterranean ones.

Basially I really like how this one pick up where the second season leaves off, especially since the 501st reforms( again) to battle the newest neuroi threat. For a full length movie it is very well done and the perfect hinge to start the third season that is obviously soon to come!


Story/plot: 8.8

Character interactions/relations:7.9

Actions/ events:9.3





Genres: action, comedy, romance, supernatural, ecchi, school

Themes: fanservice, harem, split personality, vampire, witches, yuki-onna

Objectionable content: significant – nudity, mature themes, blood

The anime Rosario+Vampire is an adaptation of the manga by the same name but of different genre. While the anime is primarily an ecchi then romance then action the manga itself is mainly an action romance with a bit of ecchi thrown in. put simply most people who have read even a bit of the manga will find instant problems with the anime, myself included.

The main man( actually the only one for almost half the first season) aono tsukune is an average boy who’s terrible marks did not allow him to get into his preferred high school with his friends, this changes slightly when his father brings home a high school entry form he “found” which allows his dear son aono to enter the school  called youkai academy.( witch if you don’t know what it means, youkai means any kind of mythical or odd creature, like demons and magical beasts). He comes to this school, is blown away by its sheer creepiness, gets ran over and befriended by a vampire and finds out he is exactly where he should not be, in that order. He also seems to become the target for quite a few girls as they want to make him their own in one way or another.

The storyline is not bad but with the amount of ecchi that takes up most of every episode it basically becomes a serious drawback if your wanting to see something even remotely close to the manga. In the anime at the end he seems to maybe be turning into a youkai, in the manga, it happens withing the first half of the manga. The action and the storyline twists, turns and alternations are barely present in the anime. If you have not read even a bit of the manga, you’ll have no problem watching it and will most likely enjoy it, but if you’ve read the manga, expect to be saddened by the anime with is why i’m only giving it and the second season as well a measly 5.6/10

Strike Witches 2

Genres: action, ecchi, fantasy, sci-fi

Themes: magic, guns, fan service, witches, yuri

Objectionable content: nudity, ecchi,

Ass with the first season of strike witches the second one is just as good as the first one was, and has just as many panty shots.

Yoshika miyajuji has returned to japan and is not longer part of the 501st as it has disbanded. For like 2 episodes basically. A note from her dead father( seriously what the heck) changes things again and gets her back into action and the entire 501st joint fighter squadron back into action.

Now this is a good start and the story once again is pretty well thought out for the most part, with even some of the silly bits having a connection to  the main story line. The one thing that drove me absolutely nuts though is the battleship yamato. Now those who have watched the first season will remember the warlock yes? Well they made another engine based of the neuroi tech tht turns the biggest battleship any of these countries have mad into a neuroi they can supposedly control. This coupled with the ridiculousness of them trying to ram it into a neuroi hive just drove me nuts, you’d thing the would have learned their lesson,but they did not.

Now again the story line and plot flow just as well as the last did and I have to submit to the idea that the initial. Idea of military intelligence( what a oxymoron) always makes stupid choices. I did enjoy this one almost as much as the first season, however it was not as good and im giving it a 7/10 for that and the other reasons I have talked about.