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Soul eater , not! Volume 1

soul eater notGenres: action, comedy, supernatural

Themes: school, weapons

Objectionable content:  violence, mature themes

Everyone here has watched and or read soul eater I’m assuming, and if you have not you should, but here we have the sequel to soul eater.

Okay so not quite. First of all lets explain a mechanic you only hear about in soul eater not.

In the dwma there are 2 kinds of students the EAT(especially advantaged talent) and the NOT( normally overcome target).  Characters like soul and maka and almost everyone you see I the anime are party of the EAT group which makes up about 10% of the school everyone else is part of the NOT and are not allowed to go on mission or hunt for souls like witches.

This manga series is started about the same time or a little earlier than soul eater and follows a NOT student by the name of tsugumi who needs to find a partner who can wield her and the confidence in herself to attempt to join the EAT classes witch all NOT’s aspire to join while they learn to control their powers and skills, not to fight.

Simply put it is set in the same universe as soul eater and there are appearances of known characters (like prezombie sid) all over the place to help this manga feel connected to the original series. As far as action goes it has less than soul eater but it makes up with more character relation and a lot more comedy to boot.

I’ve yet to read the second volume that is out yet but ive good feeling for this and do hope it becomes an anime to sequel soul eater.


Story/plot: 8.9

Character interactions/relations:9.5

Actions/ events:7.1




Hanako and the terror of allegory (complete manga)

Genres:  mystery, horror

Themes: ghosts

Objectionable content: moderate – blood and gore and mature themes

What do you do when simple stories and folk tales come to kill you? You run like hell and get help obviously.

When detective aso daisuke is not dealing with con artists or his ero manga collection he is working with one such story to stop other allegory from killing people or destroying their lives, and when a girl runs into his office to help will he be able gto save her from men with bloody axes, fish people and murderous dolls, Or even himself?

Created by the creator of future diary (witch I need to watch still) is actually rather creepy at points as almost every chapters story has some kind of weird twist. I also found the characters relations fit with the story perfectly and the action in the manga was well suited to how the story went.

In all honesty it is very well done and I do hope that it gets made into a anime as I think it would be a very good one for those who like anime like future diary or when they cry!

Story/plot: 7.9

Character interactions/relations:8.2

Actions/ events:7.5


sorry about the lack of post, im rather ill with a bad stomach virus that is rendering me highly useless.

manga review of hanako and the terror of allegory will appear next Sunday


Aion (manga #1)

aionGenres:  fantasy, myatery

Themes:  demons

Objectionable content: moderate – violence, blood and gore, moderate non sexual nudity


After losing his both his parents tsugawa tatsuya continues going to school while trying to live up to his father’s last request of becoming a great man. While attempting to do this he tries to help a girl who is being bullied. This girl has a completely cold attitude but he can’t help but want to help, which allows him to discover that she is a sort of immortal who hunts down parasitic bugs who mind control people.

Created by the artist of chibi vampire (anime by the name of Karin) the story here is quite dark and violent but is very strongly held together with the character relations and how the parasites affect people. I only have had the chance to read the 1st manga as I do not believe the rest are translated yet( if they I haven’t heard yet) but I hope the rest of the serious is as inviting and interesting as the first, I do suggest you all take a look at it!


Story/plot: 8.6

Character interactions/relations:8.3

Actions/ events:7.2