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Code geass queen manga

Genres: comedy, action

Themes: mecha,

Objectionable content: mature – mature themes, partial nudity


Okay so we go from the mostly serious main storyline to completely hilarious Every day in the blink of an eye.

Code geass queen  is a bunch of short stories that focus on comedy meant for the male crowd, while its inverse code geass Knight is meant for the female crowd. It is mostly comedy or alternate telling’s of minor story points such as villetas amnesia. While it is not meant to be taken seriously I do believe that some points are meant to be considered canon, such as leloush’s incompetence at driving a knightmare.

Considering its comedic mentality combined with the odd side points that may or not be canon I do honeslty recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh at the expense of all the characters.


Story/plot:  7.1

Character interactions/relations: 6.7

Actions/ events:9.3





Genres:  action, slice of life, comedy, school, ecchi

Themes: fanservice, fighting, guns, weapons, yuri

Objectionable content:  significant – violence, mature themes


The phrase girls with guns really does hit the perfect mark here!

Okay so we have a teacher who comes to a new school to teach, he, whose name is never stated quickly finds out the school he now teaches at is not normal, as all students and all of the other teachers are the physical humanoid manifestations of various guns. Because of this he must learn how these “students” are different from normal and get used to them, and they must get use to him as well, after all, he’s the only human in the entire school.

In all honesty upotte!! Is a very fun anime that does do what it sets out to do, if what it set out to do is  create comedy and give you tidbits of information about random guns. You do remember some of the info they give you but most of it is lost among the comedy of the story, and only halfway through do they bring in story arcs that change things up with actual opponents and enemies.

Give it a shot I say, and then decide for yourself!


Story/plot: 5.7

Character interactions/relations:6.4

Actions/ events:8.9



Strike witches the movie

strike  witches movieGenres: action, science fiction

Themes: fanservice, mecha, military, witches, weapons

Objectionable content: moderate – blood, violence, mature themes


Picking up where the second season of strike witches left off, yoshika miyafuji and major sakamoto have both returned to fuso with no magic to go back to their lives, sakamoto as a military teacher and miyafuji as a student of medacine so she can become a doctor of normal means not magic. After a meeting with a new fusio witch by the name of shizuka hattori and the chance to study medicine at the greatest school in Europe, miyafuji goes with hattori as her bodyguard.

Once in Europe after many clashes between miyafuji’s personality and hattories military strictness they meet up with some of the old 501st bringing back memories and happiness, but on the way to the school miyafuji and hattori go awry to help a village and encounter a new kind of neuroi, subterranean ones.

Basially I really like how this one pick up where the second season leaves off, especially since the 501st reforms( again) to battle the newest neuroi threat. For a full length movie it is very well done and the perfect hinge to start the third season that is obviously soon to come!


Story/plot: 8.8

Character interactions/relations:7.9

Actions/ events:9.3



Soul eater , not! Volume 1

soul eater notGenres: action, comedy, supernatural

Themes: school, weapons

Objectionable content:  violence, mature themes

Everyone here has watched and or read soul eater I’m assuming, and if you have not you should, but here we have the sequel to soul eater.

Okay so not quite. First of all lets explain a mechanic you only hear about in soul eater not.

In the dwma there are 2 kinds of students the EAT(especially advantaged talent) and the NOT( normally overcome target).  Characters like soul and maka and almost everyone you see I the anime are party of the EAT group which makes up about 10% of the school everyone else is part of the NOT and are not allowed to go on mission or hunt for souls like witches.

This manga series is started about the same time or a little earlier than soul eater and follows a NOT student by the name of tsugumi who needs to find a partner who can wield her and the confidence in herself to attempt to join the EAT classes witch all NOT’s aspire to join while they learn to control their powers and skills, not to fight.

Simply put it is set in the same universe as soul eater and there are appearances of known characters (like prezombie sid) all over the place to help this manga feel connected to the original series. As far as action goes it has less than soul eater but it makes up with more character relation and a lot more comedy to boot.

I’ve yet to read the second volume that is out yet but ive good feeling for this and do hope it becomes an anime to sequel soul eater.


Story/plot: 8.9

Character interactions/relations:9.5

Actions/ events:7.1



To love ru

to love ruGenres: action, comedy, romance, ecchi, school, sci-fi

Themes: alien, fan service, harem, unrequited love

Objectionable content:significant – moderate violence, mature themes, large quantities of near complete nudity


You meet an alien and the first thing she does within a day of meeting you is messes up your confession to the girl you like and then thinks it’s her your confessing too!

That’s basically the gist of the entire first and part of the second episode except for the alien is the daughter of an interstellar conqueror and also an inventor. the rest of the anime has the main character yuki rito running around trying to actually confess to his love while the alien girl lala tries to win him over whilst her inventions and old would be aliens try to propose to her and take out rito in the process.

In all honesty I did not think much of the story, its rather simple and it really is just an outlet for ecchi and fan service so if you looking for lots of that then this anime is for you. The action and fight scenes are not too bad but they are nothing to write home about, the entire anime is just one giant fan service attempt witch apparently works as it has multiple ova’s and a second season coming out presently.


Story/plot: 4.2

Character interactions/relations:5.1

Actions/ events:6.0