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Baka to test shokanju season 1 review

Genres: comedy, romance, action

Themes: parody, school, school war,

Objectionable content: significant – violence, mature themes, large quantities of non violent blood

If I had went to a high school were your test scores said how well equipped your classroom was or a school where you could summon an miniature avatar of yourself who’s strength is based on you strength in different classes oi probably would have done even better than I already did ( mainly 70’s). this is the setting for the anime baka to test shokanju.

In this school your second year class is told from how well you do in a placement exam. You can get in class A consisting of the best and brightest to class F the idiots and malcontents. Along with the original test students can summon their avatars to fight with their scores on test, but if they lose they have to take more tests to make up for it.

What happens however is one of the most intelligent students becomes sick during the placement test and fails getting sent to the F classroom for all time, however she ends up having many friends to help her and they decide to have a TEST WAR to beat other classes and tske their equipment.

The storyline for this anime is freaking awesome I believe and is helped along by the fact that noting is left unexplained in the anime so you always know what is going on, the main character is an idiot but with all the characters in it it makes for an absolutely excellent cast of characters to keep u watching as you laugh your asses off. The action in the Test wars is not insanely heavy but it is done very elegantly to complement the quick battles and strategy that they are used with. All in all I have not had an anime I enjoyed so much in quite a while and I really hope the second season is as good and that you’ll all give it a good fighting chance with a 10/10.


Kampfers + Kampfers season 2 review

Genre’s: action , comedy, romance,

Themes: ecchi, harem, fanservice, guns, weapons, magical girl, yuri

Objectionable content significant, – mature themes, incomplete nudity, innuendo

Okay so I cannot believe I’m saying this but here it goes, TO MUCH FANSERVICE AND ECCHI!!!!!

Okay I said it now on to the reviewing process!

The main character of kampfers is a boy named natsuru senou, he’s pretty average except for his hair being bright near florescent blue. One day he wakes up after a “nightmare” and finds he has turned into a girl. Then his plush tiger tells him it’s actually a messenger from the moderators and he has been turned into a kampfer to fight other kampfers and that he has to be a girl to do so. Oh did I mention that when he’s a girl he has a body many women would probably kill to have!

I’m not saying the storyline is bad, far from it in fact the initial story line is well set up, but when your supposed to be fighting you’d expect the anime to be at least half action not a quarter or less. The fact of the matter is where the ecchi and fan service are more than well done, there is just simply too much of it for the story. Its comedy is well done throughout as well but the only problem is that the combat takes less time than it does to open the internet on dialup. This along with they seem to add bits to the story that were not even commented upon in the setup at all will only earn it a measly 6.8/10 and heres my hopes that the 3rd season works out better than the first one and the second season of only 2 episodes.

Vandread season 1 review

Genres: adventure, comedy, romance, science fiction

Themes: mecha, real robot, super robot, space

Objectionable content: significant – blood, mature content

Okay so how many people have trouble getting along with the opposite sex? Now imagine entire planets not getting along with their opposite sex, this is the initial setting for the anime vandread. Two planets, tarak and mejale are populated by just men and women respectively and they hate the other genders guts. A young third class male boy named hibiki tries to steal a machine part from a vanguard mech unit aboard the male battleship as it is trying to leave tarak, gets caught and thrown in the brig, and then proceeds to be one of only three men who get stuck on the battleship as it is abandoned when female pirates attack it.

The ships odd power core causes the female ship and the male ship to merge into asuper ship and even alters some of the female Dreads(fighters) so that they can merge with the one remaining vanguard unit creating three different super robots.

Now please don’t judge it just from this as the anime itself is actually very well done for a space opera as I’ve heard it called. The character relations are awkward because of where each character comes from and seeing the female crew deal with the men is a very fun thing to watch especially since the one female ends up liking hibiki a lot!

Now if u don’t loke mecha’s this might not be for you but please do give it a serious try as the anime pute out some very serious points and the fate of earth in this anime is actually kind of creepy considering what they end up doing to the rest of the galaxy, so please give the 8.9/10 a chance, please.

PS please forgive the lateness of the review, things are getting crazy for me but i will endevour to not be this late again in a review, once again sorry.

Dog Days Season 2 Episode 1

Genres: adventure, fantasy, romance

Themes:cat-girls, dog-girls, animal people, other worlds, war games, fan-service, harem, magic, tournament

Objectionable content:minimal – fantasy violence

okays the first season of dog days was a wonderfully fun filled fantasy that was happy and fun all the way through, and the first episode of the next season looks like it gets even better when shinku brings his cousin and his friend Rebbecca to the lands of flonyard. he brings them both along, Rebbecca being highly confused and his cousin loving it as much as he did as he greets all his friend from the world.

for a first episode it feels like it sets things up quite well, reintroducing the main characters and a few new ones to jog our memories and to get us ready for the impending silliness. i really do like where it is heading and am eager to see where the series goes from here with a 9.5/10.

Seto No Hanayome

Genres: action, comedy, romance, slice of life, fantasy

Themes: harem, mermaid, yakuza

Objectionable content: significant – ecchi, moderately mature themes

Okay so if frowned at the seto inland of japan there are three things that could happen, you die, you get fished out, or you Get saved by a mermaid just like The main man in Seto no hanayome or my bride is a mermaid.

Basically michishio nagasumi almost drowns and is saved by a mermaid named Seto san, unfortunately if a human discovers a mermaid’s identity one has to die, unless they marry, which is what they do. With this most of the anime is of the high jinx that happens to them as they deepen their relationship and grow to actually love each other.

I have to say, that I absolutely loved this anime, it has a wonderful blend of action, comedy and drama as well as a serious point or two that makes it an interesting and enjoyable series to watch, just be prepared to pace palm at least a few times as some of the comedy is REALLY out there. But seriously, watch it, at least the first season of or the 8.9/10 im giving it will be put completely to waste.